frozen java chip pie

 photo 003_zpsfd95e81a.png
This ice cream pie is awesome! And the best part is it only has two ingredients if you can find it in your grocery store. It’s no secret that I love coffee ice cream. So I stood at the grocery store and thought to myself..what’s better than pie with ice cream? 🙂 I really just wanted ice cream in a pie shell.

Frozen Java Chip Pie
1 chocolate pie shell (you can use the oreo one too)
1 pint Starbucks java chip frappuccino ice cream
whipped cream (optional)
chocolate curls (optional)

alt ver. (if you can’t find the ice cream in store)
1 pint coffee ice cream
1/2 cup chopped mocha beans (I get them at the Sweet Factory)

– unwrap your pie shell and let the ice cream soften
– scoop out the ice cream into the pie shell and smooth the top
– freeze until the ice cream hardens again (takes about an hour)
– garnish with whip cream or chocolate curls if desired!
 photo 009_zps95ece68a.png
This dessert is super easy and delicious. There’s really nothing like a good ice cream pie. People will never know it only has two ingredients. I think it would taste better with the oreo crust but I couldn’t find it at the store. The chocolate crust isn’t bad but I think the oreo one would bring out the coffee flavor even more. Happy eating! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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