ConfeXion Cupcakes and Cake (Pasadena, CA)

I finally got around to trying ConfeXion Cupcakes and Cake (previously known as Wonderland Custom Cakes) in Pasadena. They won Cupcake Wars twice on the Food Network and have won numerous awards as LA’s Best and Pasadena’s Best. I have to say..when it comes to cupcakes, I’m a huge cupcake snob. Too much or too little frosting will give you a haterade rating from me. I’m that picky. I’m also a lemonade snob and ConfeXion has excellent lemonade. Their rosemary vanilla bean lemonade is legit stuff. Their shop is super cute without being too much. I got 6 cupcakes and a lemonade. The cupcakes are 3.25 each which is a little pricy BUT worth the price if you get the right one.
 photo 004_zps0707a3fd.png
 photo 005_zps372ed72e.png
They have cute tables and chairs to sit outside and enjoy your lemonade and cupcakes.
 photo 019_zps9d686826.png
 photo 018_zps197482ac.png
The outside of the store. Yes that’s me in the picture 🙂
 photo 020_zpsff2b108f.png
This is the cupcake display. That’s Aunt Vendy behind the display. She’s super chill 🙂
 photo 032_zps324bc8ff.png
The rosemary vanilla bean lemonade! It’s my saving grace. The rosemary isn’t too overwhelming and it puts out great flavor. You can also see vanilla beans at the bottom of the cup. That’s how you do it! 🙂
 photo 040_zps1c9e6353.png
The cinnaswirl cupcake. Not a fan of the frosting but the cake is delicious.
 photo 042_zpsfaf753bd.png
The black and white cupcake. I’m a huge black and white cupcake lover BUT ConfeXion didn’t do me right this time. The one from Dots Cupcake still stands at number one for me. The frosting was wayyy too sweet and overwhelmed the cake. The cake was chocolatey and delicious but the frosting didn’t compliment it. Boo!
 photo 047_zps59e6dfd5.png
The s’mores cupcake. Taste just like a s’mores would. Gooey, chocolatey, marhsmallowy..if that’s a word.
 photo 037_zpsb10b77f6.png
The chocolate cupcake! Love at first sight. The frosting on this one complimented the cake and the curls on the side also complimented the cupcake.
 photo 046_zps0c18e8b0.png
The hunka hunka cupcake. Holy shanazz. Death by cupcake..but it was good! Wash it down with lemonade 😀
 photo 038_zps4b7e131b.png
The champ cupcake. Now..there’s a reason why this cupcake is called “the champ.” It’s freakin delicious!! AND it has bacon on top! It’s a maple buttermilk cake with maple frosting and bacon to garnish. The best damn cupcake I’ve ever had! It was probably the best bacon too. The texture, the sweetness, the saltiness, the crunch…everything complimented one another. I swoon about this baby right here!! 🙂 Get the champ asap. Stuff your face immediately.

Fail Sweetly,


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