Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop

 photo 007_zps86c8e18f.png
I made a pit stop to this candy store as I was in Pasadena to pick up some candy for the kids in my class. Last week we went to a park in Santa Ana for their pool day. After swimming, we were all gathered in a grass area for snack and we were attacked by hives of bees. A lot of kids got stung and two of them ended up hospitalized. I felt so bad and had trouble sleeping because I kept thinking about it. WTF man? Anyway, I thought this would cheer them up a bit. I went for the soda pop and got them some candy. The pop I got taste like a half and half bar and a orange dream machine from Jamba Juice.
 photo 008_zps2c1262b0.png
They have some old school candy and bubble gum that I haven’t seen since I was like ten. I got soda pop, two packs of nerds, two laffy taffys, sweet tarts, sour punch chews, warhead chews, and bubble gum. The kids are going to go crazy when they see it šŸ™‚ I’ll be back for more soda pop. They have a huge selection but I didn’t have time to look through everything.

On a side note, I also went to Pappa Rich and their raspberry iced tea is excellent. Strong flavors šŸ™‚ Happy reading

Fail Sweetly,


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