Private Eyes (Egg In A Hole)

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I’m a lazy person when it comes to cooking this summer. I don’t even think this qualifies as “cooking” put I made it on the stove so to me it does! I saw these on an episode of the PW and thought it was a super easy and simple breakfast dish. I made mine with Japanese white bread. It’s a lot denser and thicker than the traditional white bread you find at American grocery stores.

Private Eyes
– one slice of Japanese white bread
– one large egg
– salt and pepper to taste
– salsa and/or ketchup for garnishing

– use a cookie cutter to cut a circle in the middle of the piece of bread
– add butter to a small frying pan and let melt
– once the butter is melted, add the piece of bread (minus the circle)
– crack an egg into the pan where the circle is and let cook
– once the bottom is cooked (you’ll see it’s white and not transparent), flip it over and cook the other side
– when it’s done, put it on a plate and fry the circle of bread for about 20-30 secs on each side to give it some color
 photo 003_zps7d1175b9.png
I personally love eggs benedict/florentine so I like my egg yolks on the runny side. If that’s not you than I suggest cooking it longer than it takes just to get the whites to become white and not transparent. I always eat eggs with ketchup. It’s a strange habit while growing up. My mom made a lot of egg sandwiches and I HAD to have ketchup on them. I think salsa would be great on top of the egg/bread but I didn’t have any on hand. Maybe some avocado would be good too! 🙂 Try it out. It’s super easy. I’ve been on a Bruxie’s kick lately. I got the country sausage and egg waffle sandwich and a blueberry shake last week. This week I’m opting for the green eggs and ham. More pictures to come!

Fail Sweetly,


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