the brioughnut (ConfeXion Cupcakes)

 photo 008_zps4fb5365d.png
ConfeXion Cupcakes and Cakes in Pasadena came up with the famous brioughnut. It’s pretty much a mix between brioche and a donut. I must say, it’s the best effing brioughnut EVER. I made a visit this morning and the line was out the door. I’ve tried their cupcakes already and wasn’t interested in getting any cupcakes. There were three flavors of brioughnuts today. I hate coconut so the lime coconut was out of the question. The simple glazed didn’t appeal to me so I got the nutella crunch. I’ve never tried the nutella crunch cupcake but holy cow, the brioughnut is the business. It’s like a ferrero rocher chocolate candy in donut form. The dough was crispy yet spongy, the top was crunchy, and there was delicious nutella filling oozing out of the brioughnut.
 photo 009_zps74b8fa65.png
That actually brings me to a funny story. I knew there was filling inside but I didn’t know it was ooze all over my face and partially down my chin when I bit into it. So being the happy fat kid that I was, I decided it was a good idea to eat while I was driving (I didn’t eat anything for breakfast). These are definitely knives and forks cause they ooze. I was at the stop light to turn left on Lake and Del Mar and I bit into my brioughnut. Nutella filling oozed down my chin and I had to reach back to get a tissue. Well..while all that happened, a random guy riding a motorcycle happen to pass me and he actually stopped and asked me through my window (my window was down) where I bought my “donut.” I explained to him that it was a brioughnut and gave him directions. He thanked me and told me that I still had some chocolate on my chin. Thanks motorcycle guy! What would I do without you? -_- Bring extra napkins or use a fork and a knife! As delicious as it was, it was wayyyyy expensive. I’ve never paid more than a dollar or a dollar fifty for a donut. A brioughnut is $5. Yes, you read correctly. It’s more expensive than the cupcakes which are priced at $3.75. I wish they weren’t so expensive so I could make more frequent visits but I guess these are going to have to stay as special occasion treats. They’re so good!! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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