I Like Pie Bake Shop (Claremont, CA)

Since it’s fall, I’ve been craving good pumpkin pie and apple cider. The cider has been a bit hard to find but the pie is definitely not. The pies at I Like Pie Bake Shop are the business. Their traditional pumpkin pie is my favorite! 🙂
 photo 019_zpsfea9d938.png
This is their pumpkin pie. It’s so cute with the pumpkin cut out.
 photo 021_zps8bd4ac67.png
This is the holiday pear pie. It has pear, apple, and cranberry I believe. The crust is delicious and it’s not too sweet. They also garnish it with orange zest which gives it a nice citrusy taste.
 photo 017_zps8f6e5d79.png
The pie bag they packaged everything in 🙂
 photo 002_zpsf13181d0.png
This is a picture of the glazed apple, cherry chess, and lemon buttermilk. My sister and I sampled the lemon buttermilk and it’s delicious! The glazed apple is an employee favorite but I haven’t tried it yet.
 photo 020_zps2d3f7a82.png
This is the traditional butter pecan pie. Holy cow! It’s so good but after a few bites I thought I might get diabetes. These are mini pies mind you.
 photo 018_zpsc6033d30.png
The caramel apple crunch pie is also very sweet. I made the mistake of trying it last and I almost choked because of all the sweets.
 photo 010_zps42ee219a.png
The holiday pear pies on the counter.
 photo 005_zps38b5f66e.png
The savory pies! 🙂 They have both sweet and savory ones which is great.
 photo 004_zps111e74fb.png
More sweet pies that didn’t sound as appetizing.
 photo 009_zps36e3e236.png
The caramel apple crunch pies on the counter.
 photo 029_zps29e27ba1.png
The best pumpkin pie ever! I’m totally biased though because I haven’t tried the pumpkin pie from Julian’s Pie Company.
 photo 001_zps33ee7c0a.png
Choices! So many choices! I felt like I died and went to pie heaven. Is there such a place?
 photo 022_zps72f85c98.png
The pumpkin pecan cream cheese pie. The crust on this one was the best! However, the cream cheese was a bit overwhelming. I’ll stick with the traditional pumpkin.

All the pies we bought were 4.50 each with the except of the pumpkin pecan cream cheese one. That one was bigger and priced at 6.50. The prices are definitely a little steep but it’s damn good quality pie. I know Marie Calendar’s definitely does not make pumpkin pie like I Like Pie Bake Shop. I love the hole in a wall cute places and this is one of those places. The decor was very cute and modern. I’ll have to come back to try the savory pies! 🙂 The mini pies are so cute! It inspires me to try and make them on my own. My adventures about the Sinfully Sweet Apple Co next!

Fail Sweetly,


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