Sinfully Sweet Apple Co (La Verne, CA)

 photo 028_zpse53f8bdd.png
My favorite red caramel apple with yellow flakes! 🙂 This is a caramel apple heaven for anyone. My sister sort of went crazy in this store.
 photo 014_zps8e48d004.png
The regular size caramel apples! So many choices 🙂
 photo 024_zps66c7f77e.png
Caramel apple with chocolate and pistachios
 photo 011_zpsf46da82d.png
The mini caramel apples! Again, so many choices!
 photo 025_zps2485960b.png
The peanut and regular caramel in mini form.
 photo 023_zps67b6dd6d.png
Regular size camp fire caramel apple. It’s delicious!
 photo 015_zps407daf0d.png
My favorite apples with nuts! 🙂

This store is kind of like a hole in a wall kind of spot. It’s my caramel apple haven. The customer service is excellent! I got two red caramel w/yellow flakes for free 🙂 My sister and I bought some apples for our grandmother and she loved both. The woman who helped us was amazing. Great customer service is hard to come by. She was so sweet to us. That only means I’ll have to make more trips to La Verne! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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