Amara Chocolate & Coffee (Pasadena, CA)

I got my chocolate fix on at Amara. It’s a cute little coffee shop in Oldtown Pasadena.
 photo 003_zps659cd558.png
They’re famous for their coffee, hot chocolate, and churros.
 photo 021_zps459c7e53.png
This is the 12 piece cinnamon sugar churros with two dipping sauces. My sister and I got the milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
 photo 011_zpsd598d027.png
This is part of their breakfast menu. I think it’s called a arepa? Something like that. It had eggs, bacon, and smoked gouda. I didn’t like the taste of the outside because it was flavorless. All I could taste was the bacon. The eggs weren’t seasoned very well and the smoked gouda had no distinct taste. I LOVE smoked gouda so I’m not sure what kind of cheese was used.
 photo 008_zpse5c059b5.png
This is called the Raymond. It’s venezuelan hot chocolate with salted caramel marshmallows. It was SO GOOD! šŸ™‚ It’s definitely rich so I was glad I got the small. It’s not too sweet just very rich.
 photo 004_zpsd9053daf.png
This was the cute flower they had on the table
 photo 005_zpsfeff7d94.png
My sister ordered spicy Aztec coffee. The cup and plate are so adorable! I might have to get a set of these!
 photo 023_zps9a5294cf.png
Cinnamon sugar churro dipped in dark chocolate. These aren’t like the churros you buy at the fair. These are very crispy on the outside and are best when warm.
 photo 026_zpsb0590568.png
I carved a pumpkin! šŸ™‚ I’ll have more pictures soon. It was my first pumpkin carving and I think overall it went very well. Thanks for reading!

Fail Sweetly,


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