pumpkin carving

This is the first Halloween I’ve actually carved a pumpkin. I never got into it and I always thought it was like rocket science. Over the weekend, my sister and I went to Tahoe Scotty’s Pumpkin Patch. In my stuck up opinion, it’s really not a pumpkin patch but a “pumpkin stand.” I wanted to go to Tanaka Farms in Irvine (where it’s a real pumpkin patch) but the big bro has been busy.
 photo 020_zpsb0297042.png
 photo 026_zpsfe1edaed.png
I super excited to carve the face 🙂 I kept picking stuff that resembled my face lol
 photo 015_zpsf03a8fba.png
I was in love with the small pumpkins. I didn’t even want to carve the one my sister bought me but she insisted.
 photo 018_zps0a94b08c.png
These looked so beat up! 😦
 photo 016_zpsaf356453.png
The middle of the “patch”
 photo 022_zps57d5e87d.png
The two pumpkins we picked out. I begged my sister for a small one and she caved! Woot! 🙂
 photo 024_zps4d45010a.png
Big sis doing the dirty work…haha in my defense, I toasted pumpkin seeds for her afterwards
 photo 025_zpse9f2dd76.png
The face I carved. I was so proud
 photo 029_zps3080c6de.png
It looks awesome! Something about the eyebrows makes me laugh.
 photo 027_zpsebb20927.png
The face my sister carved.
 photo 030_zpsc4ca868d.png
The bigger stencils wouldn’t fit on the small pumpkin so I drew on a face with a sharpie. Again, it resembles my face! 🙂 I usually have that look on my face when I’m talking to people. Thanks for reading!

Fail Sweetly,


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