New Year Resolutions

Two blog posts in one day?! That’s when you know I’ve got time. I’ve never been much of a new year resolutions kind of person only because I always thought I’d never keep them. This year seems different so I will bite the bullet and make a lovely list.

1. Lose at least 20-30lbs – This one is huge. It’s insanely crazy how much weight I gained after graduating college. I guess those 10 minutes walks to class everyday kept me slim. I definitely need to start losing weight.
2. Spend more time face to face – Everyone is crazy about technology these days. I feel like I’m always glued to my laptop and don’t spend enough time with people face to face. Social interaction is important to health.
3. Fulfill my foodie bucket list – I always say I want to go here or there but end up changing my mind. I want to go everywhere on my foodie bucket list by the end of the year.
4. Treat my parents – I feel as if I don’t do this enough. Somehow between my crazy work schedule, sleeping, and having some alone time..I don’t interact with my parents as much as I’d like to. I’d like to take them somewhere and just enjoy the time together like I used to when they took me places.
5. Start a baking project for wounded warriors – I’ve kind of been on the edge about this one. I’ve done some care packages through several organizations and I’ve donated money but all of it seems so impersonal. Don’t get me wrong, those organizations are great. I just felt like I somehow disrespected the ww because I didn’t deliver it in person. I’m very touchy about perspective, especially when it comes to the military and saying something to a person to their face is different than writing it down. Some people say “it’s the thought that counts,” but I’m not buying it.

Well there you have it. My 5 resolutions. I believe #5 will be the most difficult for me because I’m an avid planner and I have to plan it down to microspecs. I also think #1 will be challenging but the rest of them should be fairly simple. Have a great year everyone! ūüôā

Fail Sweetly,


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