Project Give: January Giveaway

The new year is here! 🙂 Welcome to 2014! What better way to celebrate than with a giveaway? January is known as the “birthday” month in my family. It’s pretty awesome because my dad, sister, and my own birthdays are all in January. I don’t really celebrate my birthday anymore but back in the day, my friends made me cookie cakes and the like. My guilty pleasure lies in a good ole chocolate chip cookie. I love cookies and they’re one of my favorite sweeties so this month’s giveaway will be COOKIES and a pair of awesome American Eagle flats! 🙂

I have been participating in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap for two years now. I was super excited when they mentioned that the cookie swap helped raise money for pediatric cancer. If it has anything to do with helping others, I’m there. The 2013 cookie swap raised about $14,000 for Cookies For Kids Cancer. Cookies For Kids Cancer is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research to find a cure for pediatric cancers. Since my involvement in the cookie swap, I’ve wanted to help in another way.

I was browsing for different options to help. Guess what? They sell cookies! How awesome is that?! For this month’s giveaway, I am giving away 1 dozen Love Like Liam Cookies and a pair of American Eagle flats (black, size: 6.5). The woman (Gretchen) who started this non-profit lost her son, Liam to cancer. Love Like Liam Cookies are lemon sugar cookies covered with orange sanding sugar. I thought it would be a great way to support Cookies For Kids Cancer by purchasing cookies. Everyone loves cookies right?

To enter you must
– Enter through Rafflecopter because only Rafflecopter entries are accepted
– Be a military spouse and have a blog (non-bloggers email me if you’d like to enter)
– Live in the U.S. because this giveaway only ships to U.S. residents

I will use Rafflecopter to announce the winner. The winner will be announced next Wednesday at 8pm via my blog. The winner will have two days to contact me with their shipping information. If I have not been contacted within two days, another winner will be chosen.

Each giveaway will include a Cherish Every Moment bracelet and card to support The Dax Locke Foundation. Please consider making a donation and help Dax’s mom, Julie reach her goal of raising $1.8 million to run St. Jude’s hospital for one day in his honor.

Enter January Giveaway here

Project Give has been an awesome experience for me. I’ve helped milspouses and made many new friends. Unfortunately, due to funding setbacks (it’s personally funded by me) Project Give will no longer have a giveaway every month. Because of unexpected finances, there will be two more giveaways after this one until August 2014. I am still planning to run this project for a year and see where it goes. The next giveaways will be in May for Mother’s Day and July for Independence Day. I’m truly sorry for not being able to have one every month like I said I would.

I would like to wish my big sister Christine, Happy Birthday! She’s a New Years baby 🙂 Enjoy the new year everyone!

Fail Sweetly,


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