LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

The LACMA has been on my bucket list for awhile. I’ve always been meaning to go every time I’m in LA but never had the chance. Yesterday I had the trip with the big sis. It was super busy for a Sunday and there were tons of art to see. I think one of the most famous pieces there is the urban lights which is close to the sidewalk on Wilshire Blvd.
 photo 005_zps76563b6d.png
I love the lights. It was hard to get a good angle because EVERYONE was snapping pictures.
 photo 013_zps3c950d28.png
I thought this piece was awesome. I wanted to take a cool picture but there were tons of kids running through. Basically it’s like yellow string and you can play in it.
 photo 014_zpsd56f6ed3.png
This is the fountain by the Bing Theatre.
 photo 012_zps10fa159a.png
I thought this piece was pretty rad. It almost doesn’t look like art.
 photo 044_zps1eb8741e.png
Another one of the fountain!
 photo 010_zpsfbcd0030.png
Different angle for this piece. This picture was taken on the bottom floor.
 photo 039_zpse86b9ae2.png
Good ole California palm trees. I love Wilshire Blvd! You can see them for miles.
 photo 004_zpsde313d20.png
More lights. This was taken earlier in the day.
 photo 003_zps9958c215.png
This was taken in the afternoon after we had lunch at Ray’s.
 photo 002_zps4a26d373.png
It’s a lot prettier at night but it’ll do šŸ™‚
 photo 036_zpsb80b3c2b.png
One of the many reasons why I love California. I just need a sunset to go with this picture!
 photo 035_zps6e7075b1.png
Palm trees along Wilshire Blvd.
 photo 033_zps60cb813f.png
A ton of food trucks across the street from the museum.
 photo 026_zpsfc22b14b.png
Up close and personal!

Hope you liked all my pictures! šŸ™‚ We also made a trip to Little Tokyo in LA so more pics soon.

Fail Sweetly,


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