Fran’s Chocolates

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Most Food Network junkies will probably know what Fran’s is but it is one of the best chocolatiers in Washington. They have numerous shops in the Seattle area and these babies are delicious. I saw them on the Best Thing I Ever Ate episode with Bobby Flay. I know Bobby loves the coconut bars because it’s like an upgraded almond joy bar but I HATE almond joys. I’m not really a coconut kinda gal. In fact there is only two desserts I’ll eat with coconut. One of them is tapioca pudding with taro (sai mai lo) and the other is coconut jello. My mom makes both of them. I was browsing their website and saw that they sold boxes of chocolate for Lunar New Year. How awesome is that?! ūüôā It came with a red box and gold satin ribbon (as pictured above).
 photo 003_zps9e9ed1b2.png
What I like about these truffles is that they’re practically bite size BUT they pack quite a punch. The sweetness, saltiness, and chocolate is just right. It’s silky smooth and delicious. I got this box for $30 not including shipping. Now most people will say that’s insane but it was for my mom for CNY so I obliged. My mom loved them. She said she likes the oolong tea truffle and the single whiskey malt truffle. I love the gray smoked salted caramels. There’s saltiness, smoky flavor, and most of all yummy caramel. These were a delicious treat for our feast yesterday!

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