Amy’s Pastry (Montebello, CA)

 photo 008_zps369c9a8f.png
Today is my mom’s birthday so happy birthday mama! I went to lunch with the big bro yesterday and had some delicious food at Cocarys. We then went to Amy’s Pastry to get a fruit tart for my mama. I got a big one that said happy birthday (although the writing is kind of ugly) and it was $23. Based on all the fresh fruit on top, I’d say they really didn’t charge me that much. It’s about 8in. and full of deliciousness. It was good but I wouldn’t say it’s the best fruit tart I’ve had. Bon Epi still stands at number one in my book.
 photo 005_zps82cf61d4.png
Here’s a mini tart with strawberries..I had to try ūüôā
 photo 006_zps8f905012.png
Here’s another mini one. I really liked the apples. It taste great with the combination of the crust and custard. The only problem I really had was that there was more crust than custard. The custard was about half the size of the crust. No bueno!

The service was pretty quick. You take a number when you walk in and than wait till your number is called and order whatever you like. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you’re in the area. I wouldn’t drive all the way out there for them though.

Fail Sweetly,


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