Project Give: March Giveaway!!

Hi all! It’s time for another giveaway with Project Give: For Military Spouses. This month’s giveaway is sponsored by the wonderful Katie of Going Coastal With The Plumes and has a spring theme to it. Thanks so much Katie! You’re awesome 🙂

Here’s a guest post from Katie..
I’m Katie and I blog over at Going Coastal with the Plumes. When I found out about Justina and her monthly giveaways to military spouses I was sort of in awe. She isn’t even a military spouse herself, yet every month she got a little box together to send to one special military spouse – I just can’t get over how sweet that is! When she mentioned in January that she wouldn’t be able to do quite as many this year – I totally jumped at the opportunity to help her out!

It’s March. {What?} And that means it’s ALMOST spring. Ah – yay! I love spring. Actually, I love summer, but to get to summer, you have to go through spring. This month we will set our clocks forward, which I know some people grumble about because they lose an hour of sleep, but it’s my favorite. I love when it doesn’t get dark at 5:30 anymore. I mean, I LOVE it.

So I went to my favorite store {IKEA} and got some fun springtime goodies for one lucky military spouse!
 photo marchgiveaway_zps50305673.jpg
Here’s what you are entering for:
• 3 packages of nautical napkins {even if you aren’t a navy wife – the colors are great!}
• 2 trays for springtime cookies or pastries {also nautical!}
• 1 bright yellow table runner – sure to brighten ANYONE’S day 🙂
• 3 tropical smelling candles {they literally smell like paradise}
• 2 potpourri packages {one green and one white for spring!}
 photo Katie_zps1281fe87.png


To enter you must..
– Enter through Rafflecopter because only Rafflecopter entries are accepted
– Be a military spouse and have a blog
– Live in the U.S. because this giveaway only ships to U.S. residents

I will use Rafflecopter to announce the winner. The winner will be announced next Sunday at 8pm via my blog. The winner will have two days to contact me with their shipping information. If I haven’t been contacted within two days, another winner will be chosen.

Each giveaway will include a Cherish Every Moment bracelet and card to support The Dax Locke Foundation. Please consider making a donation and help Dax’s mom, Julie reach her goal of raising $1.8 million to run St. Jude’s hospital for one day in his honor.

Fail Sweetly,


7 thoughts on “Project Give: March Giveaway!!

  1. Kelly

    We went out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. I tell my husband not to spend money on flowers because even though they are beautiful, I get sad when they die and I have to throw them out!

    1. Justina Post author

      Aww 😦 That sucks. I just realized I didn’t change my question for the March giveaway. So sorry about that! I read your comment and went “wait, what???” lol >_<


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