Volunteering VA hospital #3

Today was an awesome workout. One of the vets who is a WW2 and Korea veteran brought me a tamale! I love mexican food so we got to talking about tamales and enchiladas. He brought in homemade tamales and they were spankin delicious. I seriously love the VA. They’re amazing. It was sooooo good! šŸ™‚ The vets always tell me these awesome stories. I think that’s one of the things I cherish the most about volunteering. The stories they share are priceless and they love to tell a good story.

I’ve learned more ways around the hospital. I was taught a few shortcuts to cut time. Yesterday I got to go to the pharmacy and podiatry. I haven’t been to either one before. I also learned where South 8 was and I pushed a gurney for the first time. The VA hospital has a tunnel that leads from where the ambassador stations are to the the main hospital. In the tunnel there are a lot of bumps on the floor. For those of you familiar with patient care, bumps are no bueno. I was a bit nervous pushing the gurney because of the bumps. Even while pushing a wheelchair, you can definitely feel the bumps. I think I did alright. I pushed two gurneys, once with a patient and one without. It’s kind of like driving a car on a narrow street. I really had to make sure no one was coming around the corner and make turns a little wider to fit through the hallways. I had some trouble steering the first time because of the bumps. The volunteer I was with was laughing because I had a death grip on the handle bars. Those gurneys are no joke. You really have to put your weight into it. The obstacle course is really the bumps and the corners. Hospitals have way too many bumps and corners. Just sayin!

It was an amazing week for volunteering. I had a lot of fun and we all shared lots of laughs. I have to say, the VA makes some pretty delicious chicken tenders. I’m not crazy about the already packaged hot food but the chicken tenders are legit. It’s basically a less greasy version of chicken nuggets. Mmm chicken tenders! šŸ™‚ I got a box of chicken tenders and a bottle of strawberry kiwi juice for lunch. Until next time!

Fail Sweetly,


2 thoughts on “Volunteering VA hospital #3

  1. Maisa Leibovitz

    How spicy was the tamale? I think sometimes it depends on the family recipe. I like it pretty hot, but my boyfriend always sweats up a storm just at the look of spicy foods.

  2. Justina Post author

    It wasn’t too spicy. It was just spicy to taste but not overwhelming that makes me sweat up a storm. It was so good. The pork was so flavorful.


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