Volunteering VA Hospital #5

I got over 50 hours! VA hospital rules state that if volunteers volunteer for 50 hours, they get a permanent badge. It’s a legit badge. How awesome is that?! Just don’t lose it or else you will be in deep trouble. And I get a volunteer polo shirt with a free parking pass. So you’re wondering what’s the big deal? Well the VA hospital is considered a federal building. Therefore permanent badges are pretty legit. I mean it’s not like I’m a federal employee but with the permanent badge, I would get similar benefits. Without being paid of course. I’ve seen some of the permanent badges that the older volunteers/vets have. Somehow they remind me of the show NCIS. No, it’s not super fancy but it’s still pretty cool. So far I’ve volunteered 52 hours which means I get my badge next week. It’ll have my name, picture, and all that good stuff. I’ve always wanted a permanent badge. Somehow it just makes it more official and I won’t be wearing my tacky stick on one anymore.

Volunteering is going pretty well. I do escorts and dispatching depending on who else is volunteering. I like the escorting better because I get more patient interaction and the majority of the patients are familiar faces by now. I learned where valet parking, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, x-ray, radiology, tricare/military call was. I also got to push an IV line, which typically doesn’t happen because volunteers aren’t allowed to escort patients with IVs in. I just pushed the machine but it was still pretty neat. I was walking back to the CLC (community living center) and a visitor asked me where he could go to change his address. I wasn’t sure so I took him to another volunteer. It turns out that the hospital is like a city. They have everything! There’s a post office in the basement. I never would have guessed that and I walk down there all the time when I take the short cuts. They have a canteen, several outdoor patio dining areas, a retail store (known as the Patriot store), several gardens, a theater, a post office, several kitchens, a community living center, a business office, a park, and some other stuff I haven’t seen yet. I think I’m still amazed that the Pat store sells 40in. plasma tvs. The vets told me it’s pretty much like a PX but smaller. I’ve never been to a PX so I guess I’ll take their word for it! šŸ˜› It’s pretty cool. I discovered Purple Heart Park as I was walking around one day trying to sunbathe.

It’s been pretty hot these days. Hopefully the weather will be the same tomorrow. One of my best friends from college is getting married and we’re all headed down to Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona for a bachelorette party spa style! šŸ™‚ I’m so excited!! Plenty of pictures to come.

Fail Sweetly,


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