Glen Ivy Hot Springs (Corona, CA)

Woot woot! One of my best friends from college is getting married in a little over a week. I’m super excited for her and yesterday a group of us spent the day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona to celebrate her bachelorette party. I gotta say it was pretty awesome. I haven’t felt that relaxed in such a long time. It was really nice to enjoy a day not worrying about anything and just spending time with friends. We rented the citrus cabana which was super nice. It was great to have a private space to ourselves. We got all of our food comped so for the cabana, my friends admission, and my own admission it was less than 100 which is pretty rad. Usually spas are crazy expensive. Good thing I saved up for the trip! I actually deposited all the coins in my piggy bank but that’s a story for another time. I took plenty of pictures! 🙂
 photo 025_zps2c7e34e1.png
This is the view of the lounge pool (there were more than 10 pools)
 photo 022_zps5f8f04f3.png
Inside the cabana we had a dining table for us to eat lunch and chit chat
 photo 024_zps28600a8d.png
The view from upstairs in the cabana area
 photo 023_zps44987f90.png
Inside view of the cabana
 photo 007_zpsd1c64343.png
Lahaina aka the bride to be 🙂
 photo 003_zps71cc2e62.png
Her super cute wedding invitations
 photo 002_zps7302b565.png
Gift bags for the girls who attended. Full of goodies like key chains, cosmetic pouch, nail polish, nail filers, eye mask, sunglasses, and etc.
 photo 013_zpsfbf0eb3e.png
Another view of the lounge pool
 photo 012_zps5c1aefdd.png
Complimentary fruit basket
 photo 054_zpse5883fe9.png
A group shot of all the ladies who attended
 photo 052_zpse71026b4.png
Another group shot. Lahaina had us put on lipstick or gloss and kiss her picture frame. Then we wrote messages and signed it by our kisses.
 photo 050_zpsd9f66cad.png
We took a picture with Aaron. He was our picture boy and escort. He was pretty funny 🙂
 photo 020_zpsfd60ec3c.png
Krystal and I making decorating pins for the bachelorette game. We each got to decorate two pins and we weren’t allowed to talk about anything related to the wedding. If we said anything about the wedding than whoever caught us would take one of our pins. Meredith won.
 photo 043_zps99ee21e8.png
Lahaina had a message so the rest of us ladies enjoyed the pools. This is a hilarious picture of Tiffany trying to teach Genelyn how to float. The picture doesn’t do it justice but it was so funny. I was shaking trying to get a good picture.
 photo 029_zpsafca83c2.png
BBQ chicken salad for lunch. It was eh. The dressing and the chips were good. The lettuce looked like the kind I buy in the bags at the grocery store and the chicken was dry. Bleh!
 photo 047_zpsd3e70c59.png
Lahaina with her frame! Mine is the one on the bottom right hand corner. Also known as fish lips 😛
 photo 038_zps5621dc61.png
Lounge area 🙂
 photo 030_zps2b484760.png
Pineapple smoothie! It was so good!!! It wasn’t super sweet and pretty much taste like a non-alcoholic mai tai
 photo 037_zps1fb0c3b8.png
Reasons why I love California and can’t live anywhere else. Lahaina’s moving to Nebraska…good luck bestie! 🙂
 photo 026_zps2fc5bb3c.png
Cucumber water that was oh so refreshing. They had water stations everywhere throughout the spa grounds.
 photo 017_zps9c56decb.png
Trying to get the gems to stick to the pins! It was no easy task
 photo 032_zps8497be7c.png
Christina’s lunch of chicken nachos. I was told it wasn’t all that either. I heard the pizzas were good though!

It was an awesome experience. I didn’t get to take my camera with me but we did explore a lot of the pools. We did the saline pool first. It’s basically a pool containing sulfur and smells like rotten eggs. Once you get use to the smell it does wonders. It made my skin baby soft. After that we went to the plunge pools. It was so insane! The plunge pools consist of a hot pool and a cold pool. You stay in the hot pool for a minute and than go to the cold pool for 30 seconds. I did it 10 times before Krystal, Mere, and I tapped out and went to sunbathe instead. Everyone else did it 15 times. We actually recruited other people to do it with us which was hilarious. The cold pool was so cold. I think the water was 50 degrees which is like Monterey Bay, NorCal cold. After the plunge pools we went into the Roman bath for awhile. After that we grabbed lunch and played another game. Each of us except Lahaina wrote two memories we have of her and two wishes we have of the future on sticky notes. Each of us would read four of them and Lahaina had to guess which one of us wrote it. It was so funny because she couldn’t guess who some of them were so she went around the table. Basically it was how well you knew your friends. After we ate we went to Club Mud and exfoliated our skin with mud. After that we baked in this heated room, brushed off the dried mud, and rinsed. The rinsing part was the hardest. It got everywhere! When we were done we headed back the cabana where Lahaina went to get a massage and the rest of us soaked in the pools. We went to three different pools and lounged before hitting the showers. Not everyone got to go but we made a trip to Farrell’s in Rancho Cucamonga and I finally got to try the Gibson Girl. That thing is huge by the way. I got the club sandwich which is a turkey club with bacon. It was three layers and super huge. I was super tired and sleepy by that time and Farrell’s gets pretty loud with all the drumming and singing. It’s entertaining but holy cow, it gave me a headache. If it was earlier in the day I probably would have loved it. Next time!

Fail Sweetly,


6 thoughts on “Glen Ivy Hot Springs (Corona, CA)

    1. Justina Post author

      It was my first time there! 🙂 I think it’s best for groups. We had a group of 7 but if you have like 10+ than it’ll be cheaper. They have a lot of specials for admissions with a massage and cabana rental. The cabana rental is so worth it. It’s really private and pretty quiet up there.

    1. Justina Post author

      I love it too! I hate to say it but I think the plunge pool was my favorite. I felt so relaxed after. The saline pool is glorious too. Even though it smells like rotten eggs.


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