Wedding Baking! Oh my!

Awhile back I volunteered to help my best friend make cookies for her wedding favors and today was the day. I must say, it was an awesome idea at the time. After a while the both of us couldn’t wait to get it over with. She baked two different kinds of cookies and made white chocolate covered oreos with blue and red mickeys and drizzles on top. The mickey mouse shaped cookies are snickerdoodles and the powdered ones are Italian wedding cookies.
 photo 007_zps3b784d5f.png
Look at all those cookies!
 photo 028_zps2285b37d.png
Here the cookies are frosted and lined with glitter gel and white pearls. The picture doesn’t do them any justice. They look amazing in person!
 photo 021_zpsaedacfec.png
Italian wedding cookie without the powdered sugar
 photo 022_zps7d90a16a.png
Iced cookies with glitter gel
 photo 027_zps47c6e89e.png
The mickey table 🙂
 photo 033_zpsbfc1c441.png
A decorated cookie tin (this is the wedding favor)
 photo 031_zps24d73c14.png
One of my favorites!
 photo 026_zps0733853a.png
Glorious mickey cookies!
 photo 035_zpsc73dc521.png
All the cookies inside a tin. There’s a dozen total, 4 oreos, 4 Italian wedding cookies, and 4 mickeys.
 photo 038_zps3f31f7f0.png
White chocolate covered Oreos with red mickeys drawn on top (I know it looks pink)
 photo 037_zps2828a1c9.png
Another design on one of the tins. My tin is black with white and dark blue gems. Very gorgeous!
 photo 011_zps1413369f.png
Mickeys waiting to dry so we could put them in the tins.

We decorated like crazy. She had all the Oreos covered by the time I got there. Half of the Oreos already had designs so we drew the red mickeys. She also had the snickerdoodle mickeys baked and cooled. We just had to decorate. I swear it was over 100 cookies. We made Italian wedding cookies and they were delicious. We made over 176 cookies and covered and decorated 88 Oreos. I was at her house for about 5 hours and we got most of the work done. Who knew wedding baking would be so intense?! My legs hurt from standing so much. It was all worth it though. They will make excellent wedding favors on my bffs special day and I learned how to decorate cookies today. Her wedding is tomorrow! I’m so excited 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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