Maggiano’s Little Italy

My friend had her wedding at the Albertson Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles on Tuesday. It was a small cozy ceremony with friends and family. The floral arrangements were beautiful and my friend was glowing. She is now officially a military wife (joining the Air Force family). Her reception was held at Maggiano’s Little Italy at The Grove in Beverly Hills. Maggiano’s is awesome, good food and stiff drinks.
 photo 054_zpsdf0d4da9.png
Here we are together 🙂 We went shopping for my dress and she picked it out. I really love that dress. Lacy and flowy at the same time. I hate dresses that make me feel bloated and restricted. She looks gorgeous as usual!
 photo 022_zpsa586177b.png
Shirley Temple with drowning cherries. It was delish
 photo 027_zps3f669b5b.png
I rarely drink. Sometimes once a year sometimes twice. Usually it’s for holidays like New Years or special occasions like weddings. If I do drink, my preference is good ole Jack and Coke. You can’t beat it! 🙂 Maggiano’s makes a crazy Jack and Coke. It was the strongest Jack and Coke I’ve ever ordered. From the taste of it I would say it’s about 1/8 Coke, 1/8 ice, and 3/4 whiskey. Good thing I had all those carbs to balance it out.
 photo 025_zps73e049d3.png
This was the tilapia. I didn’t try it because I found it weird to eat fish at an Italian restaurant. Pasta please!
 photo 023_zpsfe65fd3b.png
Caesar salad, to die for fried calamari, and fried mozzarella
 photo 021_zps93b151f5.png
The placement 🙂
 photo 016_zps17687405.png
Her wedding cake with Disney toppers. Top layer is carrot cake and bottom layer is white cake with raspberry filling. I didn’t have a chance to eat the cake because I already had toasted pound cake (it was amazing) and cheesecake.
 photo 020_zpsa1b8b41c.png
This is the menu for the reception.
 photo 030_zpsf3e4f861.png
Country style pasta 🙂 It was so good!
 photo 026_zps67cc20c2.png
Parmesan chicken! It was also delicious 🙂
 photo 034_zps19d2d6f9.png
Champagne for the toasting! 🙂

The gnocchi was also delicious. It was my favorite of the night. There isn’t a picture of it because we inhaled it within seconds of the waiter putting it down on the table. Overall, it was a great night. I’ve been giving my friend a hard time because she’s moving to Nebraska. Some of you may ask, so what? WELL, the two of us are California girls born and bred. We’ve lived here our whole lives and our families are here. It’s going to be interesting to see what she copes in Nebraska. She already told me if I receive a plane ticket in the mail I better come visit. I can’t imagine myself in Nebraska. I told her I’d send her Asian goodies if she sent me sorghum. Have any of you ever had sorghum covered apples? It’s soooo good. It’s pretty much like a caramel apple country style. I made delicious orange creamsicle cookies for the vets tomorrow. Toodles!

Fail Sweetly,


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