Volunteering VA hospital #6

I’m finally doing escorts again! YAY 🙂 I get to exercise. I don’t know how admin assistants and secretaries do it. Sitting all those hours is killer. I thought my back would break soon if I didn’t walk more. Volunteering has been awesome. The volunteers at the ambassador station I volunteer at are like family. The one thing I treasure the most is the family atmosphere. The vets tell me stories about their childhood and give me advice about life. And if they think you’re doing something you shouldn’t, they’ll call you out on it. My kind of people 🙂 I have the great privilege to meet amazing people from all walks of life. From umpires to professors to office managers, these vets are so amazing I can’t describe it in words. I was in awe when I met a Medal of Honor recipient but little did I know I’d continued to be in awe. I’ve come to learn that the patients I’m around aren’t just umpires or professors or office managers but Silver and Bronze Star recipients, a few Navy Cross recipients, and many Purple Heart recipients. I mean how can you not be in awe around people like them? The thing is, I had no clue. Absolutely none whatsoever. These amazing people are by far the most humble individuals I have ever met in my entire life. The hospital is filled with heroes.

I was talking to one of my favorite volunteers (he’s a WW2 and Korea vet) when an older gentleman walked by. He was polite and I haven’t seen him before so I asked the vet who he was. I pride myself in getting to know every person who volunteers and works around the station I volunteer at. So when an unfamiliar face comes by, I’m always curious. The vet casually replied, “oh, he’s a chaplain.” So I’m thinking, “oh, okay.” Then we talk some more and he leaves. When he left, I run into the man again. This time I asked another vet. Guess what his reply was? He said, “He’s a chaplain.” And I said, “oh, okay” again. THEN he says, “but he was a four star general before he retired.” WHAT?!?! This just keeps getting cooler. That retired 4 star general was the nicest person ever. He’s one of those people that makes you feel at ease no matter what you’re saying. I hope I get to see him again. Is it weird that if I had to choose a 4 star general to meet, I’d pick General Mattis? I heard a lot of cool things about him. I wonder what he will be like.

I also found out where different OT (occupational therapy) stations were around the hospital. I went to EKG/Echo and Same Day Surgery Vascular. It’s pretty neat getting to know all these different places. I pushed a vet and she’s the first woman I’ve pushed so we got to talking about my long hair. She was a real firecracker and had me laughing the whole way. When I said, “have a good day ma’am.” She told me I was raised the right way. I asked her if she could tell my mom and she laughed. Hear that mama? 🙂 That’s all for now!

Fail Sweetly,


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