Bulgogi House (Rowland Heights, CA)

Let me just say, I freakin LOVE Korean BBQ! It’s just one of those things I never get sick of. I went with a group of friends to grab kbbq before our friend moves to Nebraska. You gotta love the Air Force. Nothing against Nebraska besides I’ve never been there but I thought it was funny my friend and fellow SoCal girl is moving there. I keep reminding her of all the corn she’ll find 😀
Her and the hubby grilling 🙂 She’ll probably yell at me for this picture. We got beef brisket, boneless ribs, bulgogi beef, spicy tofu, and steamed egg.
Us outside after we were done eating. Probably one of the last pictures we will have together in a long time 😦

The bulgogi beef was excellent! 🙂 The brisket was also good. The boneless rib was okay but lacked flavor. Did I mention this is AYCE (all you can eat)? The only thing that sucked was the service. I don’t mean the waiters or waitress but the manager really sucked. We were waiting for a few people in our group and they wouldn’t seat us without everyone being present. We barely finished eating (were still drinking water) and the lady put the check on the table without us asking for it. THEN the busboy comes and asked us if we were done. Who does that?! THEN the manager comes by and stands by our table and stares at us. That was so freakin awkward. My friend didn’t even finish her soda yet. But other than that, the food was good and I was in good company. The meal comes with free rice but you have to ask for it. I’m still in love with the bulgogi beef. I might come back but it probably won’t be around dinner time because it gets pretty crowded. Parking in the small lot also sucked. It took awhile for some of us to park and some spots are only one hour parking. Maybe for lunch on a weekday if I’m really craving kbbq. I might just go to New Korea House down the street. I heard they have squid. Yum! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


6 thoughts on “Bulgogi House (Rowland Heights, CA)

  1. Kara (@RofaMW)

    OMG! I freaking love bulgogi! We used to hit up the Korean BBQ places in Japan. It was all you could eat (but they brought everything to your table, no buffets for the Japanese) for like $20.

    1. Justina Post author

      Yes! Bulgogi House brings everything to your table also. I like the buffet kind better. Dang it Kara, now you made me want to go to Japan. I’m kind of surprised Japan has Korean bbq too.

      1. Rachelle

        Thanks for the tip! We usually go to Road to Seoul when we’re in K-town. But Bulgogi House is definitely closer when we need our fix! 😉

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