Could You Sink Any Lower?

My post is technically a VA hospital post but the title says it all. If you don’t know much about volunteering at VA hospitals, they accept court ordered people. Now in my experience volunteering at the hospital, MOST of the court ordered people are decent and nice people. MOST of them. For the select few who are idiots, well…they’re idiots. Our job as volunteers is to ensure the patients are taken care in the best care we as volunteers can provide. That statement is pretty self-explanatory. One volunteer last week who was court ordered started mouthing off to the dispatch when she asked him to escort a patient to the PX. He said all sorts of dumb stuff and what irks me the most was that he said it in front of the patient. The patient became angry and agitated because he thought the man was talking to him. I ended up escorting the patient just because I didn’t want a fight to break out. Who the heck “volunteers” at a hospital for veterans and mouths off to the dispatcher IN FRONT OF THE VETERAN?! The patient was in a wheelchair but I have no doubt in my mind the patient would have wiped that guys face on the floor easy peasy. You don’t mess with Korea/Vietnam vets. You don’t mess with vets period. It’s a HOSPITAL for crying out loud. In the end, the guy ended up leaving which was best for everyone. I saw him again this week and the sight of him made me cringe. You have to be pretty bad to make me do that.

In other news, I hate to say this but even veterans aren’t exempt from the could you sink any lower? slogan I have going on in this post. A volunteer and fellow veteran is probably the only volunteer I interact with that I don’t like. I have a really high tolerance for all sorts of people but this guy is just beyond anyone I’ve ever met. He’s so angry, pessimistic, ignorant, and full of himself it’s sickening. AND he “stole” from the hospital. For those of you who don’t know, the VA hospitals around the country are considered federal buildings. With that being said, stealing from a federal building = you go to jail and will probably be investigated by the FBI. There was a painting that used to hang on the walls by our dispatch station but it was taken down. It was propped against the wall but that doesn’t mean you can take it if you wanted to. WELL, this guy talked about taking the painting for weeks. Then when no one was around except me and another older volunteer (we had our backs towards him), he took the painting, walked out to his car, and put it in his car. He has a really loud and obnoxious voice so when I heard him talking I turned around and saw him walking out with it. Really?! Stealing from a VA hospital? That’s seriously on the list of the all time lows. I put stole in quotes above because when my supervisor found out he nonchalantly mentioned that taking things of the sort would result in being arrested and going to jail. The guy then walked out to his car and brought the painting back. He propped it back where it was before and said, “you know I just didn’t feel right taking it.” ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! I have no other words to explain it. WHO DOES THAT?! I’m as dumbfounded as I am perplexed as to why anyone would do such a thing. Especially someone who’s a VOLUNTEER and a VETERAN. C’mon people!!

I know this post is more like a rant but I seriously couldn’t believe the two people mentioned above. It’s people like them that give all volunteers a bad name. I’ve met great volunteers at the hospital. They range from veterans to college students to grad students to people who just want to make a difference. When I first started volunteering I didn’t really know how to act. There is just so much you shouldn’t say or do that sometimes you don’t know what you can do. I’ve always looked at it like I was representing the big bro. Would anything I do make him look bad? If it did you could be damn sure I wouldn’t do it. It’s just common sense really.

I’ve learned a few more places in the hospital and I officially met the general I blogged about before. He was behind me in line when we were paying in the canteen (cafeteria). The food prices were posted wrong so I got over my $6 meal ticket limit. He kindly paid for the rest even though I kept telling him no. What does one say when a general offers to pay for the rest of their meal? I think I kept stuttering but that wasn’t helping my cause. In the end, he paid for the balance left after my meal ticket was taken (it was $8.15 total so he paid $2.15). I thanked him profusely and he said not to worry about it because I’m a volunteer and he heard good things about me. WHO TELLS HIM THESE “THINGS?” I was seriously curious but I held back from asking. I just smiled and nodded because what does one do when a general tells them these things? Can you see my dilemma here? haha šŸ™‚

Fail Sweetly,


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