Project Give: Baking For Veterans (Lemon Bars)

This post lacks pictures because I forgot to take them! 😦 I made lemon bars and chocolate covered rice krispy treats for the vets one week. The rice krispy treats were a hit with the younger volunteers and the lemon bars were a hit with the older vets. They LOVE lemon bars! 🙂 Lemon bars have always been real tricky to make. I don’t know about other bakers but I have to love what I bake or else I won’t give it to people. Which is one of the reasons I don’t make cheesecake because I don’t like it. I like lemon bars that aren’t too sweet and aren’t too tart. They have to have the lemon flavor to give it an extra umph. Maybe lemon bars I’ve bought don’t have a good balance of sweetness and tartness. The ones I made were freakin awesome! 🙂 They were inhaled by the veterans and some were asking for more. They also started fighting each other for seconds. It was a pretty interesting sight to see. You can find the recipe here. The rice krispy treats recipe is the standard one on the box. I just made them and let them set. Then I dipped them in some dark chocolate and let it set. Lemon bars are a great spring treat and I thought they would appreciate some spring treats. I also made haupia which is a Hawaiian dessert but more on that later! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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