Pappa Rich (Pasadena, CA)

Pappa Rich aka the father of all buns is pretty freakin fantastic. I LOVE their buns. A lot of bakeries don’t make bread soft, delicate, and chewy the way I prefer them. Pappa Rich is so amazing! Their iced lemonade and tea selection is also very good. The bff who’s moving to Nebraska is leaving next Monday. I had told her about Pappa Rich but we never got the opportunity to go so I brought some for her. They have four buns and a bunch of pastries. The buns all come with delicious butter inside or ice cream. The buns themselves are $2.99 each. It’s somewhat expensive but very worth it. They have four flavors, mocha, cheese, creamy milk, and chocolate. I haven’t tried all four, only the mocha and creamy milk. I LOVE THE MOCHA! It must be the caffeine addict in me but holy cow, that mocha bun is so good! I can’t even take a picture of it because it never last long enough for me to pull the camera out.
This is inside the creamy milk bun 🙂
The six pack! Also known as half a dozen for $16. 3 mocha buns, 1 cheese, 1 creamy milk, and 1 chocolate. I gave my friend one of each since I didn’t know which one she would like 😀 That’s what friends are for right?

The workers are efficient and friendly. The man helping me today was running around trying to get my buns to me and he only took like 2 minutes. I was super impressed. They also have sandwiches for breakfast and lunch but I didn’t try them. $7.50 a sandwich is a bit steep. Maybe next time? 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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