Project Give: May Giveaway

I love putting together giveaways. Giving to others always warms my heart whether it’s something big or something small. When I put together Project Give, I had no idea how far it would go. I’m in awe of the relentlessness and character that military spouses show everyday . Way back in September 2013, I started this project and Heather of Life of a Traveling Navy Wife offered to sponsor a giveaway. She sponsored the first giveaway in November! After that there have been numerous sponsors by military spouses like Kara of Ramblings of a Marine Wife and Katie of Going Coastal With The Plumes. This months giveaway is also sponsored by a military spouse. Elizabeth of The Young Retiree is sponsoring this month’s giveaway! I don’t think she needs an introduction. All the people that I’ve talked to absolutely adore her. I suppose it’s hard to explain unless you’ve met her (which I have) but she writes the way she talks. She’s freakin awesome. That’s pretty much all you need to know! 🙂 Show these amazing ladies some love by checking out their blog. You won’t regret it. Promise!

Fail Sweetly,

Here’s a guest post by Elizabeth:
Road trips can be TONS of fun, and stressful, and overwhelming, coffee fueled, and long… but they’re mostly fun! I know this because my husband and I have driven from California to South Carolina and Virginia, and then back again… twice! Once in 2010 and again just last month! FOUR cross country drives. I like to think of myself as a pro, except there are people who do much more driving than that, so I’ll burst that balloon before my head gets too big!

So anyway, I’m Elizabeth, The Young Retiree, and am so glad to not be sitting in a car, driving through Starbucks, and stopping at the world’s largest ball of twine (which we didn’t see, and I kind of think it would be really awesome! We did stop at the Grand Canyon though and WOW!) Summertime and long weekends are coming up and I can’t urge you enough to gas up your car and hit the open road! Pick somewhere or just get in the car and head in a direction and get out there exploring the world around you!

While I was on the road I picked up some inspiration for you and am so happy to get the chance to share it with you all here! I’ve got some great goodies to give away and can’t wait to send them all to one lucky winner!

First thing’s first: you gotta have an air freshener in your car! Day two we had to stop at a truck stop and pick up one of those glamorous trees to hang from our rear view mirror. To avoid this, you’ll be getting a fun flip flop freshener! Second most important is your Starbucks! The winner will get a $5 gift card to gas up on caffeine before hitting the open road! (This item isn’t featured because I bought it in Alabama and lost it somewhere in Texas… don’t lose it before you get your drink!) Next up is some peach soap from my husband’s home state of South Carolina! You know you don’t want to be using hotel soap! We stopped and had a late lunch/early dinner at The Big Texan and I couldn’t help but pick up a small “travel sized” bottle of hot sauce. Road food can get bland after a while! Finally, two awesome items from the Indian Art Center on the Laguna Reservation in New Mexico! A bracelet and dream catcher, both hand crafted by local tribal artists!

Thanks for taking the time to follow along and enter to win 😀 Good luck!

The giveaway will end next Thursday and the winner will be posted next Sunday at 8pm via my blog. This giveaway is for military spouses only who are active bloggers. This giveaway only ships in the U.S. so you must be a U.S. resident to enter.

Show Elizabeth some love by checking out her sites! 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Project Give: May Giveaway

  1. Katherine

    Oh Elizabeth, so cool to see more pictures from your journey! Very jealous of all the sight seeing, we didn’t do near that much on our cross country move mainly because we were so set on getting from point A to point B! Looks like some fun goodies!


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