Underwood Farm Market (Somis, CA)

I went blueberry picking! 🙂 I was reading Kara’s blog and saw that she took her kids blueberry picking. I’ve never done it before so it seemed like something I had to do. I somehow convinced my sister to come with me too! 🙂 We made the hour drive to Ventura County and went to the Underwood Farm Market. They have another location in Moorpark. The drive was peaceful and I enjoyed the scenery. We went to a white tent and got four big plastic containers and filled two with blueberries and two with strawberries. The berries are so delicious when they’re freshly picked!! The blueberries went at 3.99 per lb and the strawberries were 1.99 per lb. We also bought some coconut water, blackberry jam, and snacks. The berries altogether were about $25 total which was awesome!
The blueberry bushes were in the back and the strawberry ones were in the front.
More blueberries!
Snacks and jam we bought
Sister hard at work! 🙂 She picked more than 1/2 the blueberries and I picked the strawberries.
Aren’t they gorgeous?! They were huge. Some of them looked the size of a quarter.
Please excuse her chipped nails 😛 haha
The strawberries were delicious!! I really wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries but decided against it.
In the middle of the blueberry goodness! Most of the big ones were down by the roots so squatting down was quite the adventure and exercise.
That’s my hand picking the blueberry 🙂

The PYO berries were awesome. I’m super tempted to go back and pick raspberries and blackberries once they’re in season but that’ll have to wait until July or August. We saw some of the raspberries and they look amazing. Too bad there were so little that were ripe enough to pick! 😦 The store itself has an assortment of snacks like trail mix, cashews, pistachios, and etc. They also sell cold drinks, jams, salsa, hot sauce, seasoning, veggies of every kind, and honey sticks. I would suggest bringing a hat/cold water, wearing closed toe shoes/sunscreen, and definitely pee before you go. There are no bathrooms available so port-a-potty it is! I think there’s about 3-4 of those behind the front market area. There’s also a hand washing station by the port-a-potties. There’s an animal farm right next to the front market area. You can actually hear the goats as you walk out of your car. The front is kind of easy to miss if you’re driving down the road cause it’s like 55 mph and there’s only one lane going each way. Just look for the huge white banner that says pick your own blueberries in blue.

It’s a bit out of the way but they have a lot of restaurants and shopping areas by the fwy entrance/exits. I also want to go to the Camarillo Outlet which about 10 minutes away from the farm. Shop time 🙂 I didn’t get to check out the Somis Nut House because we were headed back to our area to go to the mall and pick out a gift for my mama for Mother’s Day. We also bought her some goodies at the bakery there. Toodles!

Fail Sweetly,


4 thoughts on “Underwood Farm Market (Somis, CA)

    1. Justina Post author

      It was fun but quite a work out because all the good berries were at the bottom and that meant lots of squatting. I’m sure they’ll love it! It’s so much easier than the blueberries. After 2 containers I was ready to give up and go pick strawberries. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated all the people that pick fruits for a living. It’s a really good time to go strawberry picking. The ones I got today were freakin delicious! 🙂

  1. Lahaina Joy

    is it funny that when you said you went blueberry picking I IMMEDIATELY thought of The Sound of Music when they were telling their father they went blueberry picking….tee hee

    1. Justina Post author

      Not as funny as when you told me to come visit you to go apple picking and I responded by saying I could do that in California 🙂 LOL What are friends for? 😛


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