Volunteering VA hospital #9

Bnc6SArCUAA_i8p.jpg large
Have any of you ever found “family” where you least expect it? I expected to meet people who would inspire me beyond my wildest dreams but I didn’t expect to meet people who became my second family. One of the things about volunteering is passion. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you should probably stop doing it. I go into the hospital and volunteer every week but it’s not really volunteering. I feel as if I’m going to visit family or just have a few good laughs. The veterans that I’ve met here will stay with me for the rest of my life no matter where life takes us. They’re like father figures and always look out for me. They give me advice, they encourage me to pursue my dreams, and they inspire me to be as great as they are.

Sadly, a lot of the vets at the hospital aren’t married and live alone. Most of them have children but they’re all grown up and have moved out. One of the vets that I usually talk to always says I remind him of his daughter. He’s always looking out for me and if someone says something he’ll be the first to get in their face. He always tells me these crazy stories and makes me laugh and I can talk to him about things that I wouldn’t be able to tell my dad. I call him the godfather because he dresses like a gangster, bandana, sunglasses, and all. He brought me avocados and a rose today. His neighbor has a avocado tree so he said he’d bring me some but he didn’t show up a few times. I kept giving him a hard time for it (because that’s how we are) and he went and bought me some. He also bought me a rose and said that it was for putting up with them all the time because a lot of them don’t have family and live alone so they come to the hospital and it’s like a family. He also thanked me for feeding them. I thought it was really nice of him. I was really surprised to be so appreciated. He laughed and said he comes to the hospital because I’m always happy to see him. The rose died a little because it was so hot today.

This particular veteran has had a series of heart problems and heart attacks. He’s due for a super risky operation soon so if you could pray for him and send him your thoughts I would really appreciate it. He’s like my second father and I just wish it was over and done with. I don’t know what I would do if he didn’t make it. I’ll just leave it at that.

Fail Sweetly,


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