Project Give: Operation Bright

Photo courtesy of Photobucket. I googled it and found this picture.

Memorial Day is a week from today. I feel as though it’s creeping up on me. To some people, Memorial Day is just another day where they don’t have to go to work or they get to have a bbq. To me, Memorial Day is always special. Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veteran’s Day are all holidays that hit close to home. When people ask me why I would willing run a project like Project Give, I usually ask them why I wouldn’t?
I suppose you don’t really know the hardships of war until it hits close to home. I started a category for Project Give called Operation Bright. It is basically a way to brighten someone’s day. The first item on my list was letters to Gold Star families. When the big bro deployed with 2/7 to Afghanistan in 2008, they had over 20 KIA and many others wounded. And of the marines that came home and weren’t physically injured, they lost 4 (that I know of) to suicide. One is already too many. As I sit at my desk writing these letters, the true meaning of Memorial Day creeps up on me. It’s not about the sales at the mall, the bbqs, or having a day free of work. It’s about honoring all those that gave their lives for our freedom. I would like to dedicate this post to all the marines of 2/7 past and present. Especially to those beautiful angels who didn’t make it back home. I could only hope that my letters to the families would lift their spirits in knowing that their sons are not forgotten. It’s the little things that count.

Please remember these following angels this Memorial Day. These marines left behind families. Some left behind wives, fiances, and girlfriends. Some left behind children who will never get the chance to know who their daddy was. The * indicates that I have written to their family.
Capt Eric D. Terhune (D Ring)*
Capt Garrett Lawton
Capt Trevor J. Yurista
Sgt Matthew E. Mendoza (Stew)*
LCpl Andrew F. Whitacre (Whit)
Sgt Michael T. Washington
Cpl Layton B. Crass
PFC Michael R. Patton
PFC Dawid Pietrek
HA Dustin K. Burnett*
SSgt Christopher D. Strickland
SSgt Edgar Heretta
PFC Ivan I. Wilson*
LCpl Juan Lopez Castaneda
Cpl Anthony G. Mihalo
LCpl Jacob J. Toves
Sgt Jerome C. Bell, Jr.*
Cpl Jason A. Karella
LCpl San Sim
SPC Deon D. Taylor
Cpl Adrian Robles*

– Jeremie Ross – Ufrano Rios-Jimenez – Elias Reyes – Clay Hunt –

Fail Sweetly,


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