Project Give: Goodies For Vets (Mocha Cupcakes)

Look at those amazing swirls! I love piping frosting/icing for some strange reason. Decorating cupcakes is my calling. I made chocolate cupcakes spiked with expresso powder and topped it off with mocha icing. The vets were in coffee heaven. Chocolate cupcakes always taste better with expresso powder. Somehow, it brings out the chocolate flavor more. The mocha icing is legit. It’s a regular icing recipe with cocoa powder and some coffee. It’s delicious! šŸ™‚ Now…if you know veterans or have been around them long enough, you’ll understand why I needed to spike the chocolate with expresso powder. All of the vets I volunteer with at the hospital drink their coffee black. It’s pretty much like tar. I poured myself barely half a cup and added three packets of sugar and cream and it was STILL too bitter for me. I was a notorious coffee drinker during my college years but I don’t drink it too often anymore. The coffee they make really hits you hard. I was telling them it could wake the dead and all I got was “that’s how we like our coffee! Strong and black!” Well….alrighty then. What do I say to that?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy with work and standing for long makes me super tired so I haven’t been motivated to blog. I would like to share that one of the Gold Star families wrote back to me saying they received my card which is awesome! I can’t wait to do more to help them.

Fail Sweetly,


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