Project Give: Care Package For Marine

It’s June 1st and you all know what that means. Another Project Give giveaway in the context of a care package being sent to a marine overseas. Again, I will be using for the selection of the recipient. I’ve written in previous giveaway posts that military spouses are always surprising me one way or another. Well, this month is no different. I contacted Tracie Brookshire about her Scentsy business after looking at several pages online and getting totally confused. What’s a warmer? A Scentsy circle? A Scentsy pak? Wait, what? You get the drift. Now, I can actually tell you what a warmer or a pak is. Thanks to Julie of Soldier’s Wife Crazy Life for explaining the products to me as well! Before I get into the Scentsy details, let me tell you a little bit about Tracie.
Tracie is a military spouse and marine wife. Her hubby, Sgt Major Matthew Brookshire (affectionately known as badass Brookshire) was the big bro’s Sgt Major when he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. He retired a few years ago. Now I may sound like a crazy fan girl but believe me when I say you will never meet another person like Tracie Brookshire. She is such a sweet and gracious woman. I was a bit nervous to talk with her but after talking to her, she is everything I would imagine an awesome milspouse to be. She truly exemplifies what a badass marine wife is. I love her southern accent too! 🙂 When I explained what I wanted to purchase from her and why I was doing it, she offered to donate items for this care package. How awesome is that?! There are very few people who will immediately say they’d like to help you. I’m thankful she’s one of them! She’s been so helpful and supportive of me with my goals for running Project Give. I think what I love about her the most is that she makes me feel like I’m a part of her family even though I was a stranger. It’s really hard to find people like that and when you do, you know you’ve met one of the greats.

I purchased room sprays and Scentsy circles. I didn’t know what the scents would smell like but I trusted her judgment so I let her pick them. As long as they were “manly” scents than it was fine. I might pay to see the look on a male marines face if someone sent him a girly scent. Then again, he might actually use it since I heard the smell could get pretty groddy overseas. When I opened the package and took a whiff, the sprays smelled heavenly. The circles were a bit harder to smell through the packaging but that’s fine. She donated some room sprays as well as Scentsy paks. The paks smell amazing! There’s also razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap bars, hand sanitizers, and a loafah in the care package. Do men use loafahs? Well, if they don’t, I’m sure they could give it to a female who would. I sure hope the marine getting this package will enjoy all the hygiene items. I pick different marines every time that way everyone gets support.

So if you’re ever in need of any Scentsy items, be sure to check out her site here. She’s an amazing lady. You won’t regret it. Happy June everyone! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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