The Donut Man (Glendora, CA)

I work 10 minutes from The Donut Man! How awesome is that? Well…maybe not too awesome because they contribute to my pudge but it’s still delicious. I used to go to school right by this beloved donut shop so it’s like my hidden gem. The Donut Man is known for their strawberry and peach donuts. They’re not really known for their tiger tails but they should be! Those babies are dangerous. A foot long twisted donut with chocolate glazed with icing. I was surprised that it’s just right, not too overwhelmingly sweet.
I got two strawberry donuts, two chocolate bavarian creme donuts, and six tiger tails. I LOVE their strawberry donuts. There’s a reason why The Donut Man is one of LA’s top five donut joints. It’s so delicious! The donut is super fluffy, the strawberries are fresh, and it’s not too sweet. Everything just blends together really well. I haven’t tried the peach donuts yet because I always seem to miss it. The strawberry and peach donuts are seasonal so plan accordingly. I was told by the cashier that they’ll have the peach donuts at the end of July and all throughout August. Yum! The tiger tails are amazing! It’s the longest donut I’ve ever seen. I think their maple bars are also a foot long but I haven’t tried them yet.

There’s usually a line when I go but it goes by really fast. It is cash only so bring cash! If you do forget to bring cash, no worries. There’s a atm machine on the side where you can withdraw some mula for delicious donuts. Parking is kinda eh so I would suggest parking on the street. People don’t really care where they park and they end up blocking someone elses car so watch out for that. It’s not really a shop where you can go in and order donuts. They have two windows where you can order from. The workers are always friendly.

I got my loot for $21. I know, I know, who the heck spends $21 on donuts? ME! ūüôā All because I know how good they are. The tiger tails go for $1.75 each. The chocolate bavarian creme donuts are $2 each. The strawberry donuts are the most expensive at $3.25 each. The prices went up a lot since my college days but whatevs. I’m willing to pay if the results are amazing, which they are. I give them 4.5 stars overall. I seriously wish they took credit card since I’m a cc junkie and never carry cash with me.

Fail Sweetly,


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