Good Things Happen to Good People

I have some awesome plans for Operation Bright! šŸ™‚ I’m currently working on a few July 4th events so hopefully they all happen. I was at the VA hospital yesterday and had a nice chat with one of the vets. He’s the same vet that had open heart surgery and I’m relieved to say he made it okay. I was telling him about Project Give since the subject of giving back came up. I was telling him about Operation Bright and what I want to do for July 4th. So he nonchalantly chats it up and then sticks something small in my hand. When he did it, he said,”to help with your project.” He gave me two folded up 50 dollar bills. That is why veterans are freakin awesome. I tried to give it back to him but it was like trying to do that with my dad, never works. Then he told me that good things happen to good people. He also said it was for all the goodies I bake for the vets there and he knows how the recipients will truly enjoy them. I had brought him a goodie bag full of my famous chocolate chip cookies. I make the best chocolate chip cookies btw. Just had to throw that in there. His generous donation will go to some delicious cookies for a few well-deserving recipients.

The big bro keeps telling me I should turn Project Give into a non-profit since it’s what I love to do the most. I’ve had a few other people tell me that as well but I never like asking for donations whether it be money or actual items. I feel that it’s a lot more meaningful (for me) and personal when I work hard for the money and I use it to help others instead of asking for donations. Sure, people have donated to my project and I’m grateful to them but running a non-profit would be asking for a lot of donations. I have all these ideas but I’m just not sure they’ll turn out right. That and running a non-profit takes so much dedication. Right now, it’s kind of my stress reliever. We’ll see what happens! šŸ™‚

Fail Sweetly,


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