Project Give: Baking For Veterans

 photo 934804_10152200347786175_5567303328197785705_n_zpsbd3fbb47.jpg
It’s been a while since I baked for the veterans at the hospital. I also brought a delicious apple pie but I didn’t take a picture. I used the PW’s dreamy apple pie recipe. This is her delicious chocolate sheet cake recipe. I have to say, this is a really MOIST chocolate cake. I haven’t made a cake from scratch that has ever been this moist. The veterans were more than happy to receive their piece of cake and pie. If you saw me, I was flouncy up and down the halls of the hospital passing out cake and pie. Some of the guys working in the employment program were making fun of me because I was walking back and forth while they enjoyed their cake. Nice guys eh? No, they really are but I like giving them a hard time. That way they remember my name.

I apologize if this post makes no sense because I’m currently listening to the Lone Survivor on YouTube. My multi-tasking skills aren’t as strong as they used to be. I’m super excited for three special events coming up. The first is my orientation for a fellowship program I got accepted into. CSU Dominguez Hills here I come! šŸ™‚ The second is my long planned mini summer vacation with my sister to Catalina Island. I’m sooooo excited! I can’t wait to relax and just have fun and soak up the sun. California at its best. You can be sure I’m going to be posting a million sunset or scenic pictures. The last event I’m excited about is my visit to Nebraska. I’ll be visiting my best friend in Bellevue. Not to knock on other states but I’ve been in SoCal my entire life. The only other state I’ve visited is Nevada. Nebraska is definitely going to be different. I’m anxious to see what it has to offer but I’ve heard from many people that they have delicious steak over there. I guess it’s true since I tried yelping restaurants and only steakhouses popped up. You can be sure I’ll be posting more about my trips. Nebraska will also be my first flight by myself. The only other flight I’ve been on was an international trip to Hong Kong to visit family as a kid. Hopefully I don’t do anything to piss off the TSA (not that I would intentionally but I do carry perfume in my purse all the time). Stay tuned!

Fail Sweetly,


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