The Fail Sweetly Project (formerly Project Give)

Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve officially changed my project’s name. I debated with myself over and over and have finally made a decision. Project Give is now the Fail Sweetly Project. It sounds kind of funny because what I do with my project has almost nothing in common with the name. However, Fail Sweetly is my blog and I just felt that it made more sense to name it after my blog so people will associate it with my blog. I have no idea if that made sense but there ya go. The categories for the FSP hasn’t changed. I’m still working on it. My project is almost at its one year anniversary since I started and I’ve decided to keep on truckin.

Plenty of people have questioned my sanity about continuing but I love helping others. I mean it really doesn’t have to have anything to do with the military. I just like helping out, no matter who they are. Helping others is probably one of my hidden qualities. Strangers see me as a stone faced serious person when I’m kind of the complete opposite. Well, because I like helping others…why stop now? I’ve thought it through and through and it really makes no sense to stop now. I’ve got a good thing going here.

There will be a few changes. The giveaways or events for my project will not be every month. I would love to do something special for someone every month but the cost is just too much for me. As of right now, most of my plans for FSP is for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes the vets I volunteer with will randomly give me donations and say it’s for my project. If that does happen, I will have an event when the funds are in. Toodles! šŸ™‚

Fail Sweetly,


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