Cha Eighteen (Arcadia, CA) – MOCHI WAFFLES!!

I heard of a kiosk at my local mall that sold waffles. Okay, cool maybe I’ll try it. Then someone told me they sold mochi waffles. I LOVE waffles so it was definitely on my to try list and I had to pick up some water shoes for my Catalina trip so what the heck?
 photo unnamed_zpsa6cc23b7.jpg
Here’s the menu of this delicious place. The pictures look so good!
 photo unnamed2_zpsf5478a95.jpg
They also sell an assortment of drinks and teas.
 photo IMG_20140819_104338996_zps9aef7db0.jpg
I got the mochi waffle with brown sugar syrup. THE BEST EFFIN THING EVER! It was SO SO good! The outside was crunchy and sweet and the inside was chewy and soft. That’s how I like my waffles to be. The portion size was huge.
 photo unnamed3_zps3efe1bc6.jpg
You can see the delicious syrup. The syrup isn’t too sweet and blends perfectly with the waffle. The waffle was the size of my face. It was kind of funny because I was walking around the mall eating my waffle and people would stare at me as they walked by. It was because they wanted a waffle too.

They have an assortment of syrups of the mochi waffle such as nutella, chocolate, strawberry, brown sugar, and cinnamon. They also have liege waffles and tea. I think they’re known for their oolong tea. I heard mochi waffles or “moffles” are really popular in Japan. Or at least that’s what the guy behind the counter said. A huge waffle the size of my head for $3.25? Not bad. It’s definitely worth the money. I was laughing because the guy behind the counter put the waffle in front of a tiny fan in an attempt to cool it down before handing it to me. It semi-worked but it comes out piping hot. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must.

Fail Sweetly,


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