FSP: Operation Bright – Cookies

I love cookies! Well…I mean who doesn’t love cookies? They’re the essential snack/dessert combined in one. I love chocolate chip cookies because I’m a prude at heart and you can’t change my mind. BUT I am willing to make other types of cookies for others. One of the vets that I volunteer with is affectionately known as my tio which translates to uncle is Spanish. He loves all the goodies that I bring in to the VA and one day he gave me some money and said to use it to make cookies for other vets. The first person I thought of was Sgt Major Brookshire who was the big bro’s Sgt Maj when they deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. His wife, Tracie told me he likes white chocolate. No problem! I made him my white chocolate blueberry cookies. It’s a pretty treasured recipe because I used to sell these. That’s how good they are šŸ™‚
 photo 10420113_10152228664071175_4652791866975740102_n_zpse0a2973f.jpg
I think due to the warm weather, they didn’t hold up as well as I thought they did but I’m glad he enjoyed them. I will definitely be on the prowl looking for a different combination for round two. Hopefully they won’t spoil him too much.

Fail Sweetly,


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