Catalina Island Part 2 – Catalina Express Long Beach

 photo 120_zps18074ffd.png
Did I mention taking a ferry is unpredictable? The big sis and I didn’t even think about Hurricane Maria and how that would affect our vacation. So Wednesday came and we got up bright and early to get to the terminal for the Catalina Express. Parking runs at $1 per 15 minutes so $4 an hour. We ended up paying $45 for three days worth of parking. Overnight parking is fine as long as your ticket is on display somewhere on your car. They allow you to park there up to 30 days before they tow your car. So we park and go inside to learn that the 6:30am ferry ride came back because they couldn’t dock the boat. Bummer…THEN the 8am ferry ride came back as well. Panic mode sets in. Our ferry was scheduled for 10am. They put it on hold which ended up getting cancelled. They originally had one scheduled for 12pm but bumped it up to 11am because there were a lot of people waiting. That got cancelled too. The next ferry ride out was at 2pm. Since we put so much effort into planning our vacation, we opted to just wait it out. Which is why we spent 5 1/2 hours at the terminal waiting for a ferry ride to Catalina. I felt really bad for the people who couldn’t come back because the ferries couldn’t dock. Eventually they announced that the 2pm would be going out so we leaped with joy. Literally the entire terminal was applauding and whistling. The ride there wasn’t too bad. We ended up riding on the smaller boat called the Islander Express. I took my sea sick meds in the morning and they worked fine.

The CE terminal in Long Beach is pretty big. It has lots of chairs, real similar to an airport. They have an area where you can buy food and snacks as well as tables for eating. On the opposite side they have a bar area with tables. I suppose it’s a real tourist like place but $9 for a small chicken caprese sandwich and a small salad? Too expensive for my liking. The sandwich was good but I could get that for less. The bathrooms are pretty big and have big fans on the floor to fan out any nasty smells. Aside from the 5 1/2 hr wait, it wasn’t a bad experience. The staff were real nice and helpful since they couldn’t do anything to make the ferries dock. The ride is about a little over an hour. I’d say an hour and ten minutes is accurate. Next up, the Pavilion Hotel. They’re awesome!

Fail Sweetly,


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