Catalina Island Part 3 – The Pavilion Hotel

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During our vacay to Catalina Island, we stayed at the Pavilion Hotel. It really depends on what’s within your budget. My sister and I saved up for this trip for months. We really wanted a nice hotel since we were on vacay and didn’t want to deal with dirty rooms and such. We got a room with two queen size beds. They’re so effing comfortable! I fell in love the first time I laid down on the bed. We got the summer package which included the room, ferry tickets, glass bottom boat tour, mini golf or movie, 1 hour kayak rental, golf cart rental, complimentary wine and cheese, and complimentary breakfast every morning. Altogether the package was about $976 including tax. We stayed there for three days and two nights. While it is real pricy, the service was excellent. The girls that work the front desk (Athena and Joy) were amazing. The housekeepers were also really sweet. When we first arrived, we were in our room changing and getting ready to explore. The housekeepers came by and gave us each a bottle of VOSS water, some ice, and some chocolate. The chocolate was delicious. They also returned the next day and did a turn down service and gave us more water, ice, and chocolate. Talk about awesome service! Since we didn’t get to do our kayak rental, they comped us for the Avalon scenic drive tour.
 photo 009_zps269cee33.png
This doubled as the sink area and coffee area. There was a mini coffee maker with regular blend and decaf as well as TAZO tea bags. They gave us half and half and a bunch of different flavored creamers. To the right side is the bathroom and to the left is the closet. The cabinets below the sink hold a mini fridge, microwave, and safe. There were q-tips, hand soap, shampoo, body soap, conditioner, and lotion on the counter.
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There was a plasma along with a lamp and chair next to it. Then there was a desk and chair under the tv. Pretty sweet. Somehow, because I was intoxicated the first night I watched A Walk To Remember and I wouldn’t let my sister change the channel…lol
 photo 007_zpsa65f85c0.png
The most comfortable beds EVER!
 photo 008_zpsb4c41352.png
The bathroom! It was real cute and a lot bigger than I thought it’d be.
 photo 041_zps7b8b14a6.png
This is the patio area near the front desk. On the right side there’s a library there. That’s where breakfast is served every morning and that’s where the wine and cheese hour is. People usually sit at the tables outside for breakfast. Their complimentary breakfast consists of bread, jams, peanut butter, nutella, hard boiled eggs, ham, salami, bagels, fruit, cereal, yogurt, granola, tea, coffee, expresso, orange juice, pomegranate juice, and apple juice.
 photo 042_zps8a06e8c6.png
There are a bunch of lounge chairs to sunbath or just relax. They’re located on the first floor. Originally our room was supposed to be on the first floor of the hotel but because a lot of people couldn’t get on the ferry, they cancelled their reservations and we got a complimentary upgrade. AWESOME! šŸ™‚ I was super bummed we didn’t get to do any of the water sports since that’s what we wanted to do there but overall it was a fun trip. I definitely think we got what we paid for. I highly recommend this hotel. The customer service is excellent. Next up, the Bluewater Avalon.
 photo 022_zpsc766cb82.png
This is me standing by the Big Olaf’s ice cream shop. I was still intoxicated and had no idea why my sister kept trying to get me to drink water. Good times!

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