Catalina Island Part 4 – Bluewater Avalon

When we first arrived on Catalina, it was super humid and gross. We went to our room to wash up and change and were starving by that time! We walked along Crescent Ave and found the Bluewater Avalon and thought the menu looked pretty good. They make stiff drinks too. What a great way to start a vacation 🙂
 photo 014_zps28877aed.png
I ordered the Avalon iced tea. Somehow I missed the description below the name. Iced tea just sounded so great at the time. It turns out this drink has rum, vodka, gin, AND tequila. Oh and a splash of lemon iced tea. So I was pretty tipsy all throughout dinner. My sister ordered this strawberry drink. I think it’s called a strawberry splash or something. It was super weak and kind of tasted like a cross between vodka and water. Apparently I’m the one who orders the stiff drinks every time we’re out at dinner.
 photo 015_zpsc7169c69.png
We got lots of bread and I ordered the jumbo prawn linguini. It was delish! 🙂 I LOVE shrimp. Shrimp, scallops, and lobster are my deal.
 photo 016_zps7dfecf62.png
My sister ordered the seafood paella. It came with shrimp, scallops, calms, and mussels. She said it was alright.
 photo 018_zps379b2bad.png
This is me super intoxicated (in case you can’t tell) right after we walked out of the restaurant.
 photo 034_zpsa006e9b6.png
This is Catalina at night. It’s so beautiful. Catalina really doesn’t have nightlife unless you go bar hopping. We wanted to try Luau Larry’s but there were SOOOO many people in there. El Galleon was packed too. I guess I’ll just have to try them another time. Overall, the food was okay. Nothing all that special. We got to sit by the water so that was a plus. The service is decent and we didn’t have to wait to be seated. And they make stiff drinks. Next up is the Avalon Scenic Drive Tour.

Fail Sweetly,


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