Catalina Island Part 5 – Avalon Scenic Drive

Catalina Island has a ton of tours of the island. I think at least three to four of those tours are on retro looking buses without windows. Perfect for picture taking. The Avalon Scenic Drive is a tour of the west end of the island and cost $15 per person. We were comped for the tour because we couldn’t do the water activities. The tour was alright. Our driver was this old lady and she definitely put in her two cents. The scenery was pretty but her driving was kinda scary. She would tell us we could take pictures and she’d stop but she didn’t stop. The roads up those mountains are real narrow mind you. There were multiple times where I thought we wouldn’t make it to the bottom. I took some nice pictures of the bay and the water on the west end. The East End tour still stands as my favorite. I apologize if this post doesn’t make any sense. I got back from Nebraska yesterday and I got sick. I’ve been asleep all day and just woke up about 45 minutes ago.
 photo 047_zps28e55eeb.png
All the tours meet at tour plaza and line up under a sign. This is the scenic sign.
 photo 062_zps44080c85.png
Avalon bay
 photo 051_zps225225ae.png
That’s the road for cars going both ways. It was super tight especially since we were in a bus.
 photo 071_zps56f991d2.png
Palm trees from Pasadena! šŸ™‚
 photo 069_zps6b40a4fc.png
Cool sign towards the end of the tour
 photo 067_zps5b6e82e5.png
One of the many houses she showed us. We learned a lot about the island’s history and Mr Wrigley.
 photo 057_zps4a934fbf.png
Descano Beach! šŸ™‚ It’s a private beach where you can drink booze and it’s legal.

Next up is the East End Tour. It was my favorite activity on Catalina.

Fail Sweetly,


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