FSP: Operation Bright – Airmen at Offutt AFB

I’m taking a break from my Catalina Island posts and writing about my baking project with my best friend. One of my best friends from college married an airmen and moved to Nebraska. She asked me to visit her and at first I was a bit hesitate because we’re both SoCal girls. You can totally tell just by looking at us. It was a fun visit. I actually miss Nebraska (Yes Kara, you got me. It really wasn’t that bad lol). Both of us are bakers so I knew we would definitely do some baking. Before I went to visit her we talked about possibly doing a baking project for the airmen there. We ended up baking mini pumpkin cream cheese muffins, mini banana chocolate chip muffins, white chocolate blueberry cookies, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We packed them into gallon size ziploc bags or plastic boxes and sent them to work with her hubby. Hopefully that brought a smile to the faces of all the airmen.
 photo 10409362_10152263833871175_8541552528317821631_n_zps3594afd7.jpg
One of my friends once told me I was biased against other branches of the military because the big bro is a marine. As you can see, that’s not true. I love all branches. AND I bake for all branches. Actually…I bake for anyone who wants to eat. I think we did a pretty awesome job if I do say so myself. I didn’t get a picture of the banana muffins because I was either too tired or too busy mixing away. We went on base and went to the PX. Since I’ve never been in one it was a bit awkward. There were people just staring but I just assumed they were as curious about me as I was of them. Definitely a different atmosphere then Pendleton where everyone keeps staring. They did have some really good sales. And I made away like a bandit. I got a new sweater that says Offutt Air Force Base. I think my USMC sweater will be fighting for closet space.

If I get the chance to go back I think I’ll be doing a cooking project next. Enchiladas? haha 🙂 Toodles!

Fail Sweetly,


9 thoughts on “FSP: Operation Bright – Airmen at Offutt AFB

    1. Justina Post author

      The meat is better, the produce is huge, and everything is cheaper. I think my biggest fear is the tornadoes. The morning I got on my flight to Nebraska, they issued a tornado warning. Earthquakes I can handle..tornadoes not so much

      1. Lahaina Joy

        At this point in time with the weather expecting to PLUMET this weekend to 30 degrees in early morning and 50s during the day I think going to the beach in JANUARY would be NOTHING to me….

      2. Justina Post author

        Haha you have no idea how scared I was on that plane with the rain thinking we would crash or something because it kept shaking.

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