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I haven’t blogged for almost a month and I’m kind of missing it. I’m in the process of getting funds to spruce up my blog a bit. This layout is too plain for my eyes. Anyway, I feel like the past month has been filled with moments connected to the quote above. I’ve been doing school and my internship. Both have been amazing learning opportunities for me. I learn about myself and my personal limitations as well as about others. I will definitely be more prepared for the work field after this internship.

One of the hardest things for me to digest is that sometimes you can’t save everyone. People who want to help others automatically start problem solving instead of listening. Is that what the other person really wants? I’m still working on understanding others and respecting their choices even when I don’t agree with them or I find them harmful. I’ve been caught up in a lot of things that people do that I don’t agree with but that’s life. I’ve also been reading that a lot of veterans are committing suicide on my Facebook feed. Every time I read it, it’s like my heart cringes and I can feel it twist like a sponge. Serving vets has always been a huge passion of mine and I can’t stand not doing anything. I’m not sure what I can do if I don’t know the individual. I just feel like I have to do something. This shouldn’t be happening. The veterans I have in my life are some of the best people I’ve ever known. I’m sure it’s the same for others as well.

On a lighter note, I do penpal writing with one of the Gold Star mom’s that I originally wrote to for Operation Bright. Denise, if you read this, you are the sweetest lady! 🙂 I wrote to her that I like to bake and all that stuff. She recently sent me a letter with a cookbook attached. I was so touched, I really didn’t know what to say. Her letter brought tears to my eyes. It brings me such comfort knowing that I could make her day better with a simple letter. I can’t say I know what it’s like to send my son off to war and have him KIA. I admire her so much for her strength and her passion for supporting other marines. It’s people like her that make my project worth doing.
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 photo colorful-serenity-jennifer-stockman_zpsd8848208.jpg
This is currently my happy place.

First and third pictures courtesy of Google.

Fail Sweetly,


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