The Fail Sweetly Project: Participating in the 2/7 holiday project

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Hi all! I’m so glad to be blogging today. The last two weeks has been a fight with the weather and my immune system. I lost the fight yesterday when I woke up with a fever, sore throat, and all kinds of icky stuff. I was pissed I missed class and I can’t do much this weekend. Then I logged onto Facebook and saw that Tracie Brookshire is putting together a 2/7 project (2nd battalion, 7th marines) for the marines overseas. I got to do some holiday card writing which is awesome.
 photo IMG_20141101_105615790_zps0b9243ee.jpg
These are the three different kinds of cards I’ll be sending. I’m currently on the hunt for some new Christmas cards. If anyone knows of a cheap place, holler my way! 🙂

The weather is finally starting to cool down. It rained last night and this morning. It’s pretty cloudy outside right now but not too dark. I cleaned out my closet this morning in an effort to be productive (I slept all day yesterday). It turns out I only have three pairs of thick jeans that I still fit into. So I hopped onto the ThredUp site and got myself an awesome deal of 6 pairs of jeans for less than $40 with free shipping. Now I need to look into getting some motorcycle boots. I don’t know what it is with motorcycle boots and leather jackets but I’m addicted to both.

Fail Sweetly,


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