Hallovember anyone?

Am I the only person who watches Halloween movies in November? For some reason, it’s Halloween in November, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas every month. But..I’ve been addicted to two movies. I love Hocus Pocus. It’s my all time favorite Halloween movie. I also love it because Sean Murray who plays Timothy McGee on NCIS is in the movie. He was just a kid back then. Old school movies are the best ones! 🙂
 photo 220px-Hocuspocusposter_zps4c633b17.jpg
I’m also hopping on the Halloweentown wagon. It’s taken second place in my favorite Halloween movies selection. I’m a huge sucker for Disney movies.
 photo Disney_-_Halloweentown_zps1b6a6c04.jpg
This is the first year that I actually decorated for Halloween and it was at my internship. I got to bake sugar cookies and decorate them. It’s been a great experience so far. Even though we’re almost half way into November, it doesn’t feel like November. I’ve started my fall to do list by making caramel apples and pumpkin cream cheese muffins. I’ll be making apple pie and some cinnamon pull apart bread. I can’t wait till Christmas! 🙂

An early happy veteran’s day to all the vets out there. Thank you for being so amazing. I hope you have stuffed bellies tomorrow and spend time with your brothers and sisters.

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia.

Fail Sweetly,


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