Baking The Blues Away

Ever since the funeral, my family has been kind of in a slump. Everyone seems a little down so I decided to utilize my #1 self-care method. You’re right, it’s baking! I had been meaning to thank the veterans at the VA for helping get into the fellowship program I recently graduated from. Nothing says thanks and happy holidays like a tin of yummy PW cinnamon rolls!
 photo 014_zps7d33c2fd.png
Three of the five tins
 photo 013_zps419b1cc3.png
My own pan! Or my moms…I woke up the next morning and half of it was gone.
 photo 009_zps9db13d22.png
Stockings on the fireplace. Please excuse the grapefruits. My dad wouldn’t let me take them off the fireplace.
 photo 010_zps4ce4de7e.png
The lights my dad puts up every year.
 photo 012_zpsf3050107.png
An updated version of my Christmas tree! šŸ™‚
 photo 018_zps22c315d0.png
And last but not least, PW mocha brownies. Deliciously sinful. I’ve been meaning to bake some more this week. I’ll be baking some cookies and bite size brownies for family.

I’m glad I got to go to the VA today and see the vets. They were super excited when they heard I was coming in. Because I usually bring goodies of course. They were excited about the cinnamon rolls and dark chocolate almond clusters. I also wrote them Christmas cards to go with the goodies. I didn’t realize it but the cards were a huge gesture to them. A lot of them made jokes about receiving only that card or just a few cards but I know some of them don’t have family. It tugged at my heart quite a bit when we were talking about that since they’re like my second family. They taught me a lot and embraced me for my weirdness. They also talk freely about any topic when I’m around when they used to censor themselves. Apparently I’ve been in the trenches with them before so they don’t mind being themselves.

That’s all for now! I’ll do a post about how I packaged the cinnamon rolls. Happy Holidays!

Fail Sweetly,


2 thoughts on “Baking The Blues Away

    1. Justina Post author

      Thank you! They’re really easy to make. I think it could be a cool project for your son. It’s just time consuming because you have to let the dough rise and all that jazz.


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