What kind of traveler are you?

My friend and I were discussing travel plans for 2015. We both seem to have big plans in place and got to talking about the different kind of travelers there are. So my question to you is, what kind of traveler are you?

The Jet-Setter – You’re confident and poise. You take charge when needed but tend to go with the flow. You absorbed the beauty, culture, and cuisine each place has to offer.
The Shit-Talker – You hate where you’re going but you agree to go anyway (WHY?!). You constantly talk about how much you hate wherever it is you are. You nag and nag and want to go home the second you know you’re going.
The Antsy-Pantsy – You’re anxious and worried. You don’t like change and the unknown. You can’t stand not knowing what is going to happen when and it constantly bugs you. Will there be a typhoon? Hurricane? Tornado? No, thanks!

We only came up with three because those are the three that I feel best describes me. I’m great at absorbing different cultures and cuisines as well as soaking up the beauty. However, there are certain places I always tell myself I will never go (Nebraska) but end up going. It’s really not that bad! I wasn’t in town for tornado season but it was alright. I did get a lot of anxiety on the flight there because the plane was super small and there were lots of people. I was so anxious that during my visit to Nebraska, I went to get my bags after I landed in Colorado. Then a nice gentleman told me that my bags wouldn’t be there because I’m going to Nebraska. Thanks, nice guy! Has that happened to you? haha I’m genuinely curious. What kind of traveler are you?

Fail Sweetly,


6 thoughts on “What kind of traveler are you?

  1. Lahaina Joy

    You know the type I AM! haha I guess you can also put on there “the planner” the person who looks up things to do and plans EVERYTHING just to get the “maximum feel” of the country or place they are visiting…I tend to be the planner and the jet setter. You and I need to plan a vacay ASAP! I really liked the idea of Hershey!

    1. Justina Post author

      Ah yes, how could I forget the planner! I’m a little bit of all four now that I think about it. I think we should stick to one place for 2015 to make it more realistic. Also a tentative date or month would be good. That way we can save up for the trip. How long are we staying?

      1. Lahaina Joy

        I say 3-5 days? hmmm 4 days to meet in the middle? And lets plan for next year? I am going to Puerto Rico, Florida, and possibly back to California this year so lets try not to over do it hahah.

      2. Justina Post author

        4 days sounds good. We can do all the spa stuff, eat at delicious places, see Chocolate World, and visit Hershey Park. Hershey is 2015 and I’ll probably visit you in Nebraska this year too. But Hawaii is definitely 2016 and possibly the Cayman Islands in 2016 as well.

  2. Justina Post author

    When are we going to Hershey?! Okay so if we go to Hershey before September this year and you’re coming to California then I will most likely not go to Nebraska in May. We can do PA this year and Hawaii and Caymans next year? šŸ™‚ Or maybe NYC?


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