I’m Justina and I’m the author of Fail Sweetly. I’m a true city girl at heart. The fast pace lifestyle just makes life that much more of a thrill. I divulge myself in the mani/pedis, cultural foods, shopping, cupcakeries, Starbucks, and going to beaches up and down the Pacific Coast. Be warned, Pacific water is cold! I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I’ve lived in Southern California all my life. I suppose you could say I’m somewhat sheltered. California owns my heart. Nothing beats a west coast sunset. I love scenery and my paradise can be found at the beach.

I graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2012 with a psychology degree. Go Anteaters (doesn’t sound intimidating? haha)! I am currently doing volunteer work with veterans to build up my resume. I’m hoping to go back to school to earn my masters degree at UCLA once I get my affairs in order. I want to travel the world and try as many different kinds of foods as I possibly could. I started this blog in my last year at UCI because I found it therapeutic to bake and blog while cramming for midterms and finals.

I love the stories behind recipes because they build family legacies. It’s amazing to watch three generations of women in my family come together to make “dong” (a must for certain Chinese holidays). As a little girl I watched my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and aunts all congregate at my grandmothers house and cook together. I always thought to myself that’s exactly what I want when I have my own children. Most of my cooking I learned from my mother and grandmother. My mom loves to tell me stories about what she ate when she was a kid. So far her favorite one (I’ve heard it a million times) is of how my grandmother favored my uncle (he’s the only boy out of 4). When they could afford to crack an egg over rice, he always got the egg. I laugh because to this day I think my mom is still resentful. I’ve continued this blog to share all the recipes that I test and some that were passed down from my great grandmother. Although this is a food blog, not everything on here is food related. Sometimes I blog about helping non-profit organizations or whatever comes to mind. I hope you stay a while and get to know my family a little better ūüôā

Fail Sweetly,


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