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Chinese New Year feast

I LOVE Chinese New Years. My mom decided to have our annual feast early this year. Today also happens to be my birthday. I love that my birthday falls on CNY week because my mama always makes good food. She makes good food regardless but sometimes I have to twist her arm for the dishes that I want. She said she’d make me roast pork (siu yuk) for my birthday and she did!!! It’s one of my favorite take-out dishes and I always order it.
 photo 002_zps25d0b9e3.png
This is the roast pork before my dad cut into it.
 photo 008_zpsdb944278.png
Tofu! šŸ™‚ This version is actually dried tofu that you have to soak in water and then cook. It’s a bit time consuming but very delicious.
 photo 009_zps2e2849bf.png
I’m not a fan of this dish but it makes an appearance every year. This dish has water chestnuts, pork, and some scallions. Water chestnuts taste weird. I never liked them.
 photo 005_zps880e3259.png
This dish also makes an appearance every year. It’s vermicelli noodles cooked in soy sauce with dried shrimp and green onions.
 photo 007_zpsd19afde5.png
This is “faat tai.” Basically it’s like a cupcake but it has to have the four flowers.
 photo 004_zpsa25154ac.png
This dish is one of my favorites! I usually never see it unless it’s CNY. It has shiitake mushrooms, veggies, a black vermicelli like ingredient, albalone, dried scallops, and this other ingredient I don’t know the name of. I can say it in Chinese but not in English. I used to refuse to eat the black vermicelli like ingredient just because it reminded me of hair.
 photo 003_zps81d4be5b.png
And last but not least, peas and carrots! Gotta have lots of veggies! šŸ™‚

There was also a chicken but I didn’t upload the picture. The chickens that my parents buy at the butcher shop have the head on and everything so I figured it was a little too much for my blog. Thanks for reading!

Fail Sweetly,