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Travel List for 2015

Ever since vacationing at Catalina Island and visiting my best friend in Nebraska, I’ve been on a “travel kick.” I want to go everywhere. I keep making all these lists and plans that I’m slowly driving myself crazy. I’ve finally narrowed it down to three places. One of them is for sure and the other two are maybes. I couldn’t decided which one I want to go to more so I added both.

#1: Lake Powell, AZ – This made the list again because my sister said she wants to go. I think she’s still bummed we went to Catalina but it was fun. They have a great website for planning the trip. The only down side was I couldn’t find much about food and if anything, I always go for the food. We’re planning on taking a boat tour along with kayaking and all kinds of water stuff. If we go, we will most likely drive there. We’re not really looking forward to the drive. It’s approximately 8 hours from where we are and well…we could be in San Francisco in 8 hours. I am excited about going because it means I can check Arizona off my visit 50 states list.
 photo lake-powell1_zps187fd06d.jpg
#2: Morro Bay, CA – This was originally no where on the list. However, my sister went on a trip with friends and made it sound so amazing now I want to go! She was telling me about the beach sand. I know it’s strange but we typically judge a beach by the sand and cleanliness. She said the beach up there surpasses Laguna Beach which made me really curious. Laguna is my #1 down here so I knew I had to put it on the list. She kept saying soft beach sand and I was convinced. I’ve never stopped here on the way to San Fran but I heard it’s really nice. We’ll either go to Lake Powell or come here. Is it sad to say I pick here instead? 🙂 It’s closer and we’ll be going to the beach! I’m hoping we can rent a house within walking distance of the beach.
 photo morro-bay-marina_zps6811b9be.jpg
#3: Hershey, PA – My best friend and I are travel junkies. Since she moved to Nebraska, I’ve been scheming up ways for us to get together. I went to visit her in Nebraska last September and she came to California in December. However, she might be PCSing to Japan with her hubby at the end of this year. I was planning on visiting her again in Nebraska in the spring but since she might be going to Japan, I thought I’d visit her there instead. So now we’re going to Hershey, PA. Mainly for the chocolate. I’ve been dying to see Chocolate World and Hershey Park. I know, I know, I’m a 5 year old at heart. I’m not going to lie, I love me a good Kit Kat bar. Actually…come to think of it, I’ve never had a bad Kit Kat bar. Anyway, they also have a chocolate spa. We’re completely sold and definitely going after summer. Strangely enough, I heard of Hershey, PA while watching the HBO series Band of Brothers because of Major Winters. I might have to bring an extra suitcase just to fit all my goodies.
 photo user98182_pic3448_1216177850_zps3f96f50f.jpg

And for the honorable mentions that almost made the list..
#1: New Orleans, LA – I love NOLA’s atmosphere. I love oysters…and cajun food. I was drooling when I looked at the food scene. I wasn’t sold on the super expensive hotels. If I were to go I’d at least stay for a week and it costs about a grand just for the hotel stay. Not within my budget.
#2: Washington, DC – This has been on my travel list for a long time. I want to go see all the monuments and soak in the atmosphere of Capitol Hill. However, like NOLA it’s just way too expensive for my budget right now. It would take me at least two weeks minimum to see everything I want to see.
#3: Charleston, SC – My sister likes places that are considered “quaint” and she’s into the bed and breakfast thing. I’m not much for that because I think my taste is a little too luxurious sometimes but I humor her. She wants a bed and breakfast AND a rodeo. Do they have rodeos in Charleston? If so where are they? Help a girl out because she said it’s my job to research so I need to add it to the list. I just want the shrimp and grits.

The list for 2016? You had better believe NOLA will be on there. And in addition to NOLA, Hawaii will be on there and possibly the Cayman Islands and/or Washington, DC. I have two must haves for vacay: one is the beach, two is the food. Everything else is secondary. I’m so excited! Oh and who got hired? This girl! 🙂 I’m truly blessed with all the opportunities that I have been given. Nothing but good vibes today!

**All pictures courtesy of Yahoo! Images.

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Are we there yet?

Yesterday was really humid in the valley so the big sis and I made plans to go to the beach. We’re California girls so beach bums by default. We decided on Santa Monica since it was the closest to us. Our goal for the day was to walk by the water from Santa Monica Pier to the Venice Fishing Pier. It’s approximately 3 miles there and 3 miles back so we walked 6 miles total. We’re still hurting btw. It hurts when I stand, when I sit, when I bend down to get something. I haven’t been in such hurt for so long. Initially we didn’t think we’d make it to the fishing pier so we just walked and talked. About half way there the big sis wanted to stop and sunbathe but I insisted we walk all the way down there. That way we can say we did it. And boy, we did it..and it hurts. I don’t recommend walking such a long distance if you’re out of shape like we are! 🙂 I did manage to take some awesome photos. I love pictures of the beach. Sunset pictures are my all time favorite. The beach had crosses set up for Memorial Day which was humbling to see.
Of course I had to write the blog name on the sand.
The crosses to honor fallen service members. It’s located by the Lot 1 parking lot and on the right side of the pier.
The amusement park on the pier. I tried to take this picture multiple times but the lighting just sucked.
The left side of the pier/ferris wheel 🙂
I think she was trying to tell me something.
The awesome waves. There’s really nothing like walking near the water.
This picture was taken all the way at the end of the pier. We walked down the stairs and voila!
More waves of SM.
I have a funky smile on my face because you can’t tell that the water just hit my feet. If you’re not familiar with Pacific water, it’s icy cold. Especially at 8am in the morning.
The Venice Fishing Pier..
These rocks were in between Venice and Santa Monica. I love this shot because of the water.
More water! 🙂
That’s me in front of the rocks. I was afraid the water was splash on me from the other side.
We’re almost there! 🙂

Santa Monica had a lot of people compared to Venice although I’m pretty sure it’s because SMP is very touristy. Venice is mostly for art junkies and locals. We finished the day with lunch at Bubba Gump! I got a free cup with my strawberry sparkler drink. It taste like a Shirley Temple and it lights up on the bottom. After lunch we went to The Funnel Cake Factory!
It was so freakin delicious! 🙂 I LOVE funnel cakes. And they’re one of the few places that take credit cards too! Overall it was an awesome day. Now I get to say I walked 6 miles while carrying a backpack and a DSLR with my sister. We had to egg each other to the finish line but we did it. We kept asking each other are we there yet? lol I wrote up my beach bucket list this summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete it. I’m already getting a head start! 🙂 I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Don’t party too hard tomorrow!

Fail Sweetly,

School’s almost out! :)

It’s already out for some people but the school I work at is in its last week. Next week will be our last week and than break! I’m pretty excited because I have a week off so plenty of beach time and bakery shop hopping. I also get to work on my photography and catch up on sleep. I might have time to work out too. But than again, that’s not really high on my priority list 😛

So I’ve been watching episodes of Army Wives and I’m dying. I love Gloria but this whole Gloria and Patrick vs. Gloria and Hector thing is kinda stupid. Patrick gets more screen time than Jackie. What’s up with that? o_O I don’t see the depth to her character. I miss Claudia Joy. Her character totally held everyone together and they always had someone to go to. The show just seems kinda weird without her. I love Brooke Shields but I hate her character. Her and Michael together is also strange. I’m glad Denise and Frank are still on the show. I wonder what’s going to happen with Joan and Roland. They were one of my favorite couples on the show after Trevor and Roxy.

The issues that Latasha and Quincy are going through makes my heart hurt for them. I’ve heard many stories about situations like that that have happened to military spouses. It’s really heart wrenching because there’s not much you could do to help other than send many prayers their way. The Tim and Holly situation is really scary. A similar situation happened to a friend of mine. Her husband tried to hurt her and than when she left because she was scared out of her mind, he tried to hurt himself. It just scares the hell out of me to know that it really could happen in real life and some people live in that type of situation daily. I wouldn’t know what the heck to do. Are there hotlines and therapy groups for that kind of stuff?

Fail Sweetly,